Zoeva Shadow Palette | Rose Golden

A harmony of lustrous rose-gold hues, ZOEVA’s Rose Golden Eyeshadow Palette is inspired by a woman’s gentle side. This wardrobe of warm shades is a must-have for those wanting to create a soft, alluring eye look – Zoeva

I’ve never been very good at eye shadow, so I’ll warn you now that I very rarely have any idea of what I’m talking about when it comes to application of the things, however I most certainly can appreciate how blooming beautiful some eye shadow palettes are these days, and how envious of many girls with very pretty eyes I am, when I see such gorgeous tutorials on how to make the most of them. You’ve seen my eyes, right? They’re round. Just circles on my face. What happened with the sultry almond shape that every other lovely lady has? I’m an owl!

So I’ve avoided eye shadow for years and years, until this palette was lovingly forced upon me after I won the cutest competition via twitter ever, of a lovely blogger I follow (@Sophiegodfreyy). Please follow her and take a look at her stunning blog: It’s Cultured. She can easily wear eye shadow…shes beautiful. It’s not fair.


Now you know I love my “natural as possible” cosmetics right? Well this was truly the perfect win because look at what Zoeva boasts:

  • ZOEVA Rose Golden Eyeshadow Palette
  • Enriched with vitamin E
  • Free from parabens, mineral-oils, fragrances and phthalates
  • Made in Italy

I don’t know what phthalates are but they sound really mean!.

You can tell how comfortable the formula would be to wear just by swatching, and without a doubt you can also tell that they weren’t kidding when they talk about some form of vitamin E enrichment. Usually any product claiming vitamin E as an ingredient feels naturally dewy and moisturising, and truth must be said for these powders too.

They don’t feel at all dusty, or chalky, and almost feel gel like, or wet, they’re that silky.

They have really cute names too. This is another reason why I would love to have more eye shadows. The effort that brands go to to package, name, plan out palettes is so adorable!

As you can hopefully see, there are a selection of finishes here, from matte bases, to regular shimmers, and then almost a metallic finish to some too, like ‘Copper is King’ in the top row centre, there. Also bottom left has a gorgeous lustre to it too. That one’s called ‘Foil’.

Take a look at ‘Harmony’ and ‘Lustre’ there too (bottom row, second from right, and first in the top row, on the left). These are matted down, without a hint of shimmer, only pure, flat colour. These would work amazingly as bases, for sure, then accented with the metallics and shimmers in the series, with the darker end shades sitting in your crease.

Swatch time! Classy me, popping some colour onto a little bit of paper for you, but it shows up the true reveal as well as I’d like.

From pan to paper, these colours look as true as they sit in their little beds, which is fabulous. There’s nothing worse than getting a lovely new shadow, and then as soon as the brush goes in you’ve got a really watered down version of what you were hoping for.

So once again, I am so delighted to have won this dreamy palette by Zoeva in Sophie’s giveaway. There’s nothing more I want than to join all of the pretty eyed ladies out there and finish off my makeup with really cute eyelids, and this palette, with it’s natural hues and girly shimmers is exactly the kind of introduction I would have picked for myself, if I’d had half the chance. Love it.

You can pick one up at Selfridges for £18.00

Don’t forget to pay Sophie a visit at both her twitter and blog. She’s always making great posts, and you can totally get in on any more amazing giveaways she has to offer coming up in the future!


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