I was tagged by the wonderful Anna from THE SKINPORIUM to do the #BBTag Q&A, which is utterly delightful because it’s my first ever, and I’m so honored to be picked!

The questions Anna has set revolve around a ‘Would you rather…’ theme, so here goes!

DON’T FORGET, my set questions are at the bottom of this post, so totally go ahead and get your answers in a link on Twitter for sure if you want to join in! 

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1. You’re about to be stranded on a desert island, would you rather have sunscreen or shampoo?

Eep! I guess sunscreen, because eventual skin damage would be far worst than eventual dreadlocks, I feel. Not many know, but I used to have dreadlocks you know, but I also used to wash them! It’s a complete myth that you can’t, and actually it’s totally advised when they’re fully established! Otherwise they go stinky, and I couldn’t stand for that. They’re all gone now though. Lots and lots of brush, brush, brush.

2. You’re about to go into the biggest meeting of your life, would you rather have forgotten to put on makeup or forgotten to put on deodorant?

Hoo hoo, good one, but I would absolutely just have to make sure I sat with my arms down tight as a soldier, because I seriously am “that girl” who can’t quite cope without a splash of face on.

3. If you could only buy MAC or Urban Decay makeup for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

Know what? A while back, I would have said MAC…but I’m not sure I would anymore! I got caught up in the hype as a teenager up to mid teens, and look at the lipsticks I’m drowning in now, with most of them under half used! The formulas just don’t suit my lips, but the hype train got me! Urban Decay have suited me much better. I love their glosses, and the fixing sprays and eyelid primers are great. I have no idea what the foundation is like though.

4. Would you rather paint your fingernails or paint your toenails?

Fingers. I work in an office at a keyboard every day, where people are looking over my shoulder at times, and manky nails would put my on edge. Saying that though, my GOSH am I lazy with manicures and pedis. I’m SO bad!! I bet the last time I painted my toes was about 3 years ago…

5. Your house is on fire. You dog/cat/husband/wife/favourite priceless heirloom are safe. You have time to grab one beauty item. Would you grab a makeup product or skincare product?

Skincare. 100%! My skin is insanely sensitive to acne, and the slightest failure to remember to stick to my routine can bring me out in the most painful and terrible spots, which can then take months to go away. I’d definitely reach for my HealGel Intensive. It’s worked miracles for me.

6. Would you rather have one eyebrow be accidentally waxed off or not be allowed to wear makeup for a month?

Ha ha ha, oh my days. Ok, off with the eyebrow. I’ve got a swoopy side fringe that I can hide the hairless side with…unless the wind blows…then it’s all over.

7. If you were only allowed to only wear either eyeliner or lipstick for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

Lipstick. I don’t wear eyeliner really..well..I do, but only a little on my eyelid. My eyes are VERY round, and not at all the lovely almond shape that “normal people” have, so eyeliner tends to enhance their ball-ness. A swoosh across the top actually helps make their shape a little more conventional, however I could live without that if it meant I could alternate my lip colours. I love lipsticks and glosses. Almost an obsession!

8. Would you rather have a dodgy haircut or a bad dye job? (I turned myself into a tiger last year by accident. I did not look grrrrrrreat)

Aww I wanna see the tiger pics now!! I mean…I think I’ve had my fair share of bad dyes in the past to cope well with again. A bad cut would drive me mad I think, unless I could cover it up with a wig, or extensions, or something. I love pastel hair on people…I WISH I could have successful pastel hair…I wish, I wish, I wish!

9. Would you rather have all of your makeup brushes confiscated or all of your cotton wool?

Cotton wool would be fine to go. I very rarely use nowadays because I’ve switched up to using a cleansing oil for makeup removal, and just use my hands to remove my makeup with. 

10. Lastly, the ultimate question, would you rather have a shower or a bath?

SO, SO TOUGH!! Baths are SO lovely because you can just absorb the BEST smells and products in baths, right?! Like Lush stuff, Bubble Bath, and all sorts! Plus they’re so comforting and relaxing…HOWEVER, I primarily shower for the convenience of being quick! It’s so, so, so tough! I should take way more baths to enjoy more down time that I allow to answer the question truthfully, I would RATHER have baths, but I take showers because I’m a hectic little bunny.

Aaa! That was SO fun! So I guess now it’s my turn to set the questions, huh?! 

So my theme for the #bbTAG is: “If you were…”

1. If you were a nail polish, which colour and brand would you be, and why?

2. If you were going to a celebrity movie premiere, which beauty product would be the icing on your style cake to make your confidence soar for the cameras, and why?

3. If you were a make up artist, and you could choose only one makeup brand to be YOUR brand to create big, bold, statement looks for the catwalk (think really high fashion styles!), which would it be?

4. If you were a megastar, and were releasing your own signature beauty product, what would it be, and why?

5. If you were a fragrance (Perfume can be beauty too, right?), what would you smell of, and why?

6. If you were a dermatologist, which would be your favourite skincare brand to stock? You can only pick one!

7. If you were a teen idol, and were hassled on twitter by all of your fans to help them start their make up collection, which high street products would you kick start them with? You can only pick 5!

8. If you were a Lush Bath Bomb, which one would you be, and why?

9. If you were a liquid lip, which would you be? Matte, Glossy, or Satin? What have you thought about the latest trends with the sudden surge of lip fame right now?

10. If you could only use ONE brand of makeup for the rest of your life, which would it be? What is your most favourite piece from their range?

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