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Take a look at my gorgeous prize from Maria, BestDayBlogger

So, I first ‘met’ Maria, from BestDayBlogger on Twitter in my “finding my feet as a blogger” stage. She was one of the first to follow me back, and interact with me on a really fun and encouraging basis. She makes some wonderful videos on YouTube, and has one of the prettiest blogs I’ve seen.

So when she announced this Giveaway on Instagram one day, I just had to join in. I had no thought that I would be lucky enough to win the thing though! No chance! I’m absolutely one of “those” who exclaim their inability to win anything. Ever.

So my prize came all the way from Canada. There are so many brands which were once a thing here in the UK (namely Essence and NYC), but not anymore, as well as really well known brands like Revlon and Rimmel! Not only that, but there were three bags of Fizzy sweets, and a huge bag of Jelly Belly beans, which got immediately claimed by the man of my house.

To top off the cosmetics and sugar-ness, there’s an adorable pair of shower gloves, bright pink, to enjoy having a scrub-a-dub with. So generous!

Not only were there lashings of lipsticks to get trying out, but THREE shadow palettes, and a Blush!

From the left, and clockwise: Essence 'All About Candies', Annabelle 'Smoky Nudes', Rimmel Quad, Essence 'Silky Touch Blush' in 'Adorable'.

From the left, and clockwise: Essence ‘All About Candies’, Annabelle ‘Smoky Nudes’, Rimmel Quad, Essence ‘Silky Touch Blush’ in ‘Adorable’.

You’ll also see how excited I was to see that an EOS lipbalm was in the mix! I remember grabbing this exact flavour when I visited Florida over a year ago, and I just couldn’t get enough. You can now buy these in the UK, but for an astonishing price of around £6!!! That’s over £5 more than I paid at Target in the U.S!

The Essence gel nail polish also turned out to be a huge favourite of mine from the box too. Just look at the pigmentation on my digits in the video! As true as a type this, that was ONE coat, and dried quick as a flash. This is the shade ‘va-va-voom’.

Essence boast that their gel polishes mimic those of the salon mani to ever level, with all of the ease of doing it yourself, without the lamp.

Some fancy stats for you:

LONG-LASTING LOVE – the gel nail polish!

94% are overall very satisfied or satisfied with the gel nail polish

89% confirm that the gel nail polish is long-lasting

99% confirm the beautiful shine (gel shine) of the gel nail polishes

98% confirm the good coverage of the gel nail polishes

So as promised in the video, I wanted to go into more of my thoughts on the NYC lip balms, and Revlon Lip Butters, because there literally is so much to try on in one go!

NYC had their own stand in UK Superdrugs for ages. I used to love the ‘Sunny’ Bronzer, and most products were under £5. So good. Thing is, someone decided to remove the brand from all of the stores, and cute, affordable cosmetics from NYC were no more, so you can imagine how hyped I was to be reunited with these sweet little lip balms from the ‘Show Time Lip‘ range. I’ve not quite managed to wear all three yet, but from first impressions on the formula in general, I’m impressed. Very buttery and conditioning, but don’t forget that they ARE just balms. The pigment isn’t as concentrated as a stick, but that’s fine! They’re there to nourish my lips! This isn’t to say you can’t see the wash of delicate colour they give off, and rest assured I will be posting selfies on my Instagram to flaunt them over the coming week.

Revlon Lip Butters. Remember the hype, girls? When these guys were first hinted at by our friends in the U.S, we were mad waiting for them to come across the water for us. The colours I have here are the cutest and pinkest in the range, for sure – ‘Cupcake’, a milkshake, sheer, cool pink tone, and ‘Sweet Tart’, a deeper, blue tone pink with a hint of mauve. 

Lip butters are famous for being super smooth, super moisturising, and quite bold on the pigment scale. Again, I’ll be instagramming these during daily use as I toddle about this coming week.

NYC 'Smooch Proof Liquid Lip Stain' in #300 'In the Spotlight'

NYC ‘Smooch Proof Liquid Lip Stain’ in #300 ‘In the Spotlight’

Oh yeah! And an individual shout out to the NYC lip stain I’m sporting for the duration of the video. I am so shocked by this! It’s a really peculiar (good peculiar, not bad peculiar) formula, in that it’s a watery stain which applies like an almost powdery finish. As you may know, lip stains sink into the lip as oppose to sitting on top of the lip and creating either a matte or sheen finish like regular lipsticks, which means with a stain you get a very natural “this is the colour of my ACTUAL lips” kind of vibe.

Once this stain smooths on (you might need to use your finger to dab out an even finish with this) it is immediately absorbed into the lip, and flushes a gorgeous shade of mauve pink, regardless how how naturally pigmented your lips are already. 

I was born with naturally very dark, red toned skin on my lips, so stains either have to be red, or nothing. Anything lighter or drastically differing from my natural lip with a stain has just never worked before, but I am so, so happy and shocked to say that this product truly has! I have no concealer on my lips her, nor do I have foundation over them either. This stain absolutely came out true to form, and within seconds I couldn’t feel it in the slightest, so it’s by far the most comfortable lip product I’ve ever worn. Amazing!

So hyped.

Maria, if you’re reading this, thank you so much for your generosity in holding this giveaway for us all. You continue to do such a great job of inspiring bloggers and vloggers like myself, and..watch this space. There may be a little boxy-something winging its way back across the water to you soon.

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