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Updated Acne Prone Skincare Favourites

I’ve recently made an order from Cult Beauty for my updated skincare goodies, all of which are carefully tailored, by me, to suit my blooming confused and utterly distressed face.

I struggle so much with “Product Exploration”. It’s such a gamble as to what I can and cant use, that won’t send my skin into a spiral of turmoil, and break me out in the most aggressive pimples and redness.

I don’t know when it happened really, but all through my teenage years I was blessed with acne free skin. Many of my friends through puberty had some quite severe spots now and then, whilst I had absolutely nothing. It was awesome. My hair was horrific though, but that’s another story, for another time…maybe.

Journey forward to my 30th birthday and BOOM! Here’s everything you missed out on as a spotty teenager! Take a load of this!

In a heartbeat, I developed adult acne, and rosacea, just like that. Thankfully, it is primarily settled on my cheeks, and doesn’t spread to my forehead, nose, chin, or lips, but some of the pimples that moved in on my cheeks have literally stayed there for…well…months. Months and months. These horrible little issues are the main reason why I simply cannot flip flop between high street and medical products anymore. I just can’t. My face would hate me for it.

 So today, I’ll talk you through the collection of life savers which really do seem to be keeping my troubles at bay, for now.


Beginning with how I treat my face foundation.

  • Beta Hydroxy Acid 2% Acne Wash By Peter Thomas Roth (I use this daily. Morning and Evening)
    • This guy is brilliant. I’ve had a couple of Peter Thomas Roth products before, primarily the microbead body wash, and they’ve been fantastic at drying up those blister style spots, and eliminating redness after each wash. The formula is free from alcohols and fragrance which might irritate sensitive skin further, and is also oil free. The 2% Hydroxy Acid is what targets acne on a medical level to really attack them from within, and leave them flattened by the end of the day, or if using before bed, by morning. Be wary that it might be best to use this once a day at first, to see how your skin reacts to the inclusion of the Hydroxy Acid, as it can dry you out. Make sure you follow up with a good moisturiser of your choice.
  • The Ultimate Make Up Remover Wipes By RMS Beauty (I use these to remove my daily makeup each evening, before washing thoroughly)
    • I can’t help but want to eat these, you know. There is literally nothing else infused into these wipes other than coconut oil. When you open the individually packed wipes, the smell is utterly divine. Pure, purest coconut. No matter how much eye makeup you have on, or how much comes off on the wipe, you only need ONE of these guys to do the job. They’re amazing. Make up just melts off. I mean, how mad is coconut oil, right? It seems to do everything these days! And I don’t need to mention how these are obviously gentle and kind to sensitive skin, simply for the fact mentioned that there’s nothing more than coconut oil in these. One little thing though, they make your hands hella greasy. Like, really, really greasy. Wipe the excess oil that your hands gain from the wipes, onto your legs or arms for an extra body softness treat.
  • Liquid Gold By Alpha-H: A cult classic! This one has a tonne of science behind it, so I’m going to leave this one to Alpha-H themselves..(I use this every other evening after cleansing. Depending on how bad my acne is, I will either follow it with “Heal Gel”, or leave sitting alone for a more intense treatment).
    • Alpha-H Liquid Gold is a powerful resurfacing and firming treatment for diminishing wrinkles, pigmentation and sun damage.
      This multi action formula is enriched with silk proteins, licorice extract and Glycolic Acid. It works to jump start the skin’s metabolism, tightening enlarged pores and giving a brighter, clearer complexion.
      Compared to an ‘overnight facial’, Liquid Gold is perfect for brightening skin and has a 5 Star Review rating from Beauty Bay customers who have tried and tested the product.
      Alpha-H Liquid Gold also makes an effective acne treatment when used in conjunction with other blemish fighting products from the Alpha H range.

      Please Note: This product is not recommended for delicate or sensitive skin.

      Right, so don’t panic over the last line in this Quote. I’ll get to that in a bit, but yeah, I use this treatment once every two evenings before bed, on a squeaky clean face. It contains Glycolic Acid, which is the main “resurfacing” element to the product here, and naturally this also helps a tonne with tackling acne scarring and bumps too, like is says there. It’s recommended for use every other day, due to the drying qualities of some of the ingredients, and potential of irritation, but so far I’ve had no issues, and my acne bumps are getting squished by the day!

Makeup bases

  • Bio Correct Multi-Action Concealer By W3LL PEOPLE (I use this before applying my foundation base of The Sensual Skin Enhancer, by Kevyn Aucoin). This stuff is wonderful!! It instantly hides pigmentation and redness, as well as aggressive looking spots, but doesn’t suffocate them with synthetics. A ‘clean’ concealer, they call it! So good. “Both a cover up, and corrector”. My spots are never aggrovated by the use of this stuff, and if anything, appear much calmer if infllamed to begin with, before use.
      A phenomenal, ‘clean’ concealer, W3LL People’s Bio Correct Multi-Action formula is brimming with skin-beneficial ingredients – and completely free from unnecessary synthetics. It’s ideal for concealing everything from minor imperfections to neutralising larger areas of redness, to leave your complexion looking clear, fresh and luminous.
      With a velvety-textured mousse formula, this full coverage, all-natural concealer is enriched with brightening and de-puffing coffee, pomegranate and organic algae extracts, alongside anti-ageing peptides to diminish visibility of fine lines and dark circles. Both cover-up and corrector, it’s the ultimate foil for all signs of fatigue, as well as the perfect disguise for pigmentation patches, blemishes and redness.
  • The Sensual Skin Enhancer By Kevyn Aucoin. (I use this as my primary make up base/foundation). My lordie, if you’ve never tried this stuff, you really, truly need to. Please do not be mortified by the size of the pot on first receiving it either, this formula will shock you sideways. In the “Cult Description” it calls this out as a “lightweight enhancer”…this is not physically lightweight though. Sure, it’s lightweight in terms of the fact that it doesn’t hold a tonne of ingredients and nasties, but in terms of pigment…it’s off the scale. This base will cover ANYTHING, and you need the smallest amount to do your entire face. Take a look below, after this short intro by Cult Beauty:
      This lightweight enhancer hides a multitude of sins without masking your natural colouring, so skin appears healthy and radiant without looking overly ‘made up’. Kevyn Aucoin strove to empower women by revealing their natural beauty without layers of product – an approach which is evidenced by the silky textures, skin-friendly ingredients and neutral colours of his much-loved make up range.
      This multi-tasking skin enhancer is all you need to achieve an even, flawless-looking complexion. Ideal for use as a concealer, foundation, highlighter (choose one shade lighter) or even mixed with moisturiser for a lightweight skin tint with a ‘soft focus’ effect. Honey and jojoba oil combine to nourish skin for a healthy, dewy glow, making this ideal for channeling the ever on-trend ‘gym skin’ beauty look without having to break a sweat…
You need nothing more than THIS amount...for your entire face. Seriously. Just look at the pigmentation. It's so thick and creamy! I still can't quite get over it...

You need nothing more than THIS amount…for your entire face. Seriously. Just look at the pigmentation. It’s so thick and creamy! I still can’t quite get over it…

So yes, somehow Kevyn Aucoin has managed to develop a formula whereby you need only the smallest amount of product to provide the most intense coverage ever, which in turn means that all of your acne and imperfections are completely erased, without the need for multiple layering or product build up, meaning your skin can still breathe and combat those pesky spots! 

Here I am wearing it in this shot. For my skin tone, I’m wearing the shade: SX10

And there we go! This comb of coolness really does seem to be helping me out a tonne. I do find that if I don’t alternate my products at least a little every few months, then my skin somehow decides it can resist their tackles a little, so switching some out, and back again later really helps keep it on its toes.

I often like to switch out my morning wash with the Beta Hydroxy, for a treat of the “Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip” cleanser, if my skin is looking particularly good at the time. I truly do think that if something isn’t broken (ie. your face), then you shouldn’t continue to try fixing it when it’s actually behaving itself. “Ceramic Slip” continues to ensure your skin stays beautifully soft and retextured, but with more of a focus on overall texture, as oppose to specialising in an area, like spots. I like it a tonne, and have noticed that the surface of my nose and forehead are especially smooth, with pores less visible after around two months use, so that’s great. Definitely can be drying though, so again, moisturise!

Thanks for sharing my favourites with me, and be sure to let me know if you have tried any of these, or have any recommendations for switching things up!


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