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I was in the bathroom today. I’d just washed my face as normal, and happened to look down at the side of the sink and see an empty bottle of Heal Gel sitting there. I picked it up, went to the bedroom, and found another. Off I then went to my dressing room, and proceeded to use the bottle with product still in it to start off my morning skincare routine.

It then suddenly dawned on me that , “Wait..I’ve gone through two of these things already?!” – and that’s right! I had! Without realising it until actually having a word with myself, I am 100% terrified to not have this stuff in my life, and on my face!

Acne is so quick to appear, and so slow to shift. It has been THAT slow for me that I’ve not noticed properly just how much it’s improved over the last few months, but it has! It really has!

My morning regular routine goes:

  1. Wash with acne treatment cleanser by Peter Thomas Roth.
  2. A slathering of Heal Gel Intensive.

My evening routine goes:

  1. Remove make up with Glacial Cleansing Cloths.
  2. Heal Gel every other night. When it isn’t heal gel, it’s Alpha-H Liquid Gold.

Now I obviously believe that the entirety of this routine in general has been a saviour to my skin, as I feel that switching up the products and methods of treating my face keeps my skin from “getting used to” any one product at a time. I’ve found that using just one set product continuously, with nothing else thrown in the mix works for a while, but then my spots are like, “AHA! We know what you’re doing!”, and come back fighting.

From the very first discovery of Heal Gel though (just a regular ‘on a whim, in desperation purchase), it did wonders.

Two outer bottles are completely used up, with the centre being 'in progress'

Two outer bottles are completely used up, with the centre being ‘in progress’

I mean, ok sure, results didn’t quite creep in until about week 2 of morning and nightly use (this was pre Alpha-H appeared), but the first thing I did enjoy from the very first application was the coolness of the gel formula itself.

My skin was red raw. Not just the spots and acne itself, but my entire cheeks looked burned. Many a clinician said I was suffering from severe rosacea, and needed laser treatment and so on, but I just couldn’t afford it, so even though I didn’t see the immediate benefits, the formula just relaxed my entire, angry little face right down. It was heavenly.

Then somewhere out of nowhere…my redness cleared up! I still get redness on a spot from time to time, but the irritated skin around my spots where the “rosacea” was (apparantly) was, and still is, purely skintoned! I don’t use any concealer at all now, just foundation for coverage I enjoy as a make up fan anyway.

It’s like I threw a lovely silk blanket over my face and cuddled it up in there until the badness went away…I totally believe it’s worked!

At one stage, I ran out of Heal Gel actually, for about 3 days. Instead, I just thought “It’s ok, my spots are looking calm right now, I’ll use my regular nivea until I feel I can order more”…Bad move. The full blown fire face didn’t exactly come back, but the pimples sure did! After day 2 of no Heal Gel, I had a spot on my chin, 2 on my right cheek, and a very sore one right on the end of my nose. Next day delivery is a saving grace, in this instance. Had I have just left it and not bothered to repurchase, then I dread to think how I might have been back to square one.

So as I say, I think the range of products I use to combat my poorly skin IS a united selection, and all seem to compliment and bring out the best results off the back of one another, however If Heal Gel goes missing from the jam…I’m in big trouble.

Product Info:

Heal Gel Intensive harnesses some cutting edge scientific advances to rapidly soothe, repair and regenerate skin that’s causing you strife! Designed by the top plastic surgeons in the UK to heal post surgery scars and laser treatments – the gel forms an instant protective layer on top of your skin so that the active ingredients can work unencumbered beneath. It’s the definition of a bathroom cabinet ‘must-have’ – quickly addressing almost every common concern, from burns, to rashes to blemishes and scars – to help speed your skin along the road to recovery.

How many plastic surgeons does it take to create a miracle healing gel? Five apparently. Designed to repair inflamed, irritated and traumatised skin, this helps everything from eczema to keloid scars. The Arnica, Madecassoside (herb often used in Chinese medicine), peptides and amino acids work together to reduce inflammation, aid cell renewal and collagen production, as well as to reduce swelling, bruising and the appearance of scars. Heal Gel Intensive is great for surgical scars, puffiness, acne, wrinkles, psoriasis, burns and stretch marks. – Cult Beauty

See I like that. This Gel doesn’t actually specify that it’s an acne treatment, it’s a SKIN DAMAGE treatment, and even tackles burns and scars! EVEN surgical! EVEN psoriasis! That means that it’s tough enough to give results, but gentle enough to really support the skin too. It’s not going to skin you alive to erase the problem, like a lot of intensive methods of correction seem to do.

As you can tell, I pick up my Heal Gel from Cult Beauty for 37.50 (just because it’s easier tocombine it with my other bits and bobs from there too), but I do also urge you to check out the official Heal Gel brand page too for even more products in the range.


This post is 100% my own purchasing and experience, with no sponsored brand involvement.


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