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If you don’t know me already, I ought to tell you that my skin is rubbish. Well, it’s not terrible rubbish, but it really does kick up a fuss with any kind of product it doesn’t agree with, and most of he time that’s pretty much every product out there.

It’s really hardfor me to enjoy wearing makeup without getting a terrible acne flare up, so I need to reach for very gentle, very natural ingredients in my products. For months I’ve been using a MAC blusher in “Gingerly” which has given me a natural, tan type colour to my cheeks (I much prefer a tan blush to a pink blush) with only minimal fuss in the form of spot generation, however there is always spot generation none the less. As I’ve been beginning to hit pan on it though, I was moving on to look for more alternatives to my sunny cheek colouring, and heard the words “MooGoo”.

First off I thought it might be a tattoo relief product (I’ve used tattoo goo before), however no, MooGoo skincare are an Australian company which strive to develop products with very natural set of ingredients, which support and nourish actual skin conditions like Excema, Psoriasis, Rosacea, and many more. Perfect!

So from MooGoo comes a branched line of cosmetics, called ‘Dusty Girls’, which obviously target the very same skin types and conditions when manufacturing their line.

I just so happened to discover…a mineral bronzer.

“Dusty Girls Makeup is farmed by MooGoo Skin Care. We have the serious job of making skin care for people with skin problems or very sensitive skin. Our makeup range adapts the sample principles. We have developed makeup that doesn’t damage our skin but provides you with a natural and healthy coverage- without the chemicals.” – Dusty Girls

Now, this bronzer isn’t all that similar a colour to MAC ‘Gingerly’, however it is the perfect choice for a blush colour due to it’s lowered “sparkle” content, and quite vivid colour pay off (only need a little!). It needs to be said that Dusty Girls do have a mineral blush range, with some gorgeous colours, however I am always more drawn to the bronze side.

A highly pigmented, pressed powder with a soft shimmer to enhance your natural beauty. The warm golden tones make this mineral bronzer a delight to contour with and suitable for all skin tones. Pressed with edible ingredients such as Macadamia Oil and Jojoba Oil, to allow for a smooth and effortless application without silicone, along with Natural Vitamin E which will give you a long lasting and even coverage, without the chemicals.” – DG Sunshine Bronzer

A cute thing is that the entire package is not only so very cutely designed with its typography, little sliding box, and gorgeous compact, but there’s also a nice little Kabuki brush you can pick up with it too. Due to my need for this being more of a sculpting and blush product however, I have applied it this week using my regular blush brush, but for my neckline and decolletage, that brush is perfect.

The pan size is generous, and as I say, in unswatched form you can tell that this is not going to make you look like a christmas tree with shimmer and sequins crushed in the mix.

On swirl of the brush, the product itself is exceptionally soft, and so the colour pick up is pretty huge. It’s certainly not advised to apply to the face without tapping off excess first, else you might look pretty out of balance.

As a little look into the results here on me, the colour is very true to natural bronze, and gives me a lovely warm looking complexion across the cheeks and chin, without looking muddy. Being dark haired and therefore more yellow toned in my natural skin base, my natural complexion is really enhanced, and I feel like, regardless of their size in general, the shade really makes my eyes pop too.

I’ve been using the product so far over the course of a full week, just to get a sense of whether it can be best friends with my skin or not, and I kid you not, I have not yet had any terrible issues occur, only a few hormonal spots which were present before, but they’ve in no way been aggrovated by the bronzer, and that’s therefore a blooming excellent sign for me!

You can pick up your Dusty Girls Sunhine Bronzer for £15.00 online.

Let me know if you have tried any more products in the range! I’m very interested to give the mineral foundation a try.

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  1. 26 August, 2016 / 9:18 am

    It looks really lovely on. I’ve similar issues, my skin will take the huff if it doesn’t like a product. Currently trying to get the latest outbreak back under control! I’ve seen the moogoo brand before but didn’t realise they were now doing makeup. Must investigate 🙂 Great post x

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