Jeffree Star Summer lip Collection

Velour Lips in Cool Summer Shades.

The Jeffree Star Velour Lip trend has been a scuffle for many a lady wanting to hop on the ‘liquid lip trend’ this year. Each collection or individual shade that Jeffree releases is quite often in a league of its own in terms of ‘creativity’ in its tone, and the limited edition summer collection is certainly no less of an understanding on that fact.

Here’s a little about this release:

The shade names are: Nude Beach, Watermelon Soda, (714), Virginity and Queen Bee, and all products are vegan and cruelty-free. Jeffree’s liquid lipsticks goes on opaque, and dry completely matte. The products are 100% vegan & cruelty-free too.

There’s an extra twist with this collection however, and that is that all of these shades except for (714), all smell like watermelon. You know, that typically delicious synthetic watermelon scent that you get in American candies and so on. One of my favourite smells actually.

Top to bottom: 'watermelon soda', (714), 'virginity', 'nude breach', 'queen bee'.

Top to bottom: ‘watermelon soda’, (714), ‘virginity’, ‘nude breach’, ‘queen bee’.

Oh yeah, and there’s that other surprise for everyone too…THAT YELLOW THOUGH! That’s right, Jeffree finally stood true to what he was dreaming of (so I hear), and managed to throw a true yellow shade into the mix. It’s daring, I’m not entirely sure how to wear it on my lips yet, but more on that in just a moment.

Dare to Wear.

Ok, so, these shades are not for the feint hearted, however a shining star of the ‘any time of day’ award in this set has to go to ‘Watermelon Soda’. This red is gorgeous, and exceptionally wearable for all skin tones and fun red lip fans. It’s almost a Jolly Rancher kind of red, or you know, those fairground lollipops with the almost red glass like look to them.

The remainder, however, are very much in their own categories for who they’ll suit best. In the photo above, I would rate bottom to top, top being the most daring for only the creative types, and bottom starting out with the easier to wear of these guys (ranging up to the hardest, as I say).

So I can’t just leave you to imagine what I looked like giving these little things a go, right? I DO dare to wear!! I do (well…sort of).

I did it! I even went full “Queen Bee!”, how’d ya like that!? Top left is me with absolutely no lip colours on to begin with.

Ok, I’m not saying that all of these shades are for me, and I have to admit, I will never wear ‘Queen Bee’ (middle right), ‘Virginity’ (top right), or ‘Nude Beach’ again, personally. I do not think that they look great on me, it’s a shame, but I’m totally willing to accept that. It was worth a try. However I did very much enjoy ‘714’ (bottom right), and of course ‘Watermelon Soda’ (middle left). Both very cute, very wearable, and as I say, would truly compliment a wide range of…faces.

Waste of money?

So at $18 a piece, are the there that I’ll never wear again now an utter waste of money? Not at all. Not at all. Check out this for a little bit of funsies.

Due to the vegan nature of these lip colours, they are perfectly safe for using on your eyelids!

That’s right! They truly do make a very cute liquid eyeshadow if you fancy it!

Now I’m no beauty guru, in fact, I just absolutely slop on the basics and usually avoid eye makeup altogether, except for very basic eyeliner and mascara to frame everything up nicely.

If you’re the creative type  though, you can have a lot of fun with the more pastel shades in the range, and smell like your face is a box of Fruit Loops too!

Left: A mix of ‘Queen Bee’ and ‘Virginity’.

Centre: ‘Virginity’.

Right: ‘Nude Beach’.

Just as the formula sticks to your lips, it also sticks well to the eyes, but has no horrible drying effect going on, which is a blessing.


All in all, lovely idea and really creative shades for summer. The pastels are a little tricky to work with, but as I say, you can absolutely use them as eye colours too, if you like! That’s a saviour for me, and for sure, I’ll be wearing ‘Nude Beach’ on my eyes more and more as we go into Autumn. Really pretty shade.

‘Watermelon Soda’ is by far my most favourite, as I’ve mentioned several times now (sorry). It’s a very fun red, the perfect vibrancy for sunny days, and it makes your teeth look ZING!

All lip colours are easy to wear in terms of comfort, and don’t dry out too harshly if you just take the necessary advice of EVERYONE and scrub and prime your lips with moisture before applying.

You can pick up the entire Summer Bundle from Jeffree Star Cosmetics for $75, or individually from the site for $18. If you’re like me and from the UK, I highly recommend buying from Beautylish for these kinds of things, as they ensure that you don’t get any hidden and nasty handling charges from customs.


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