#Blogmas: Label.m, Kent Airheadz, and Invisibobble

Get Your Groom On.

Party season! Work “dos”, School “dos”, HAIRDOs! Hair is like the cherry on the very shiny top of your glam look for any event, never mind Christmas, however this holiday season seems to be the time when we’re having to doll ourselves up a little more than usual to get celebrating the festive feels.

My hair is the window to my soul, not my eyes, my hair. My hair is the first thing which people check on to see whether its ME or not. It’s a monument atop my tiny face which gives the entire game away that I am indeed “Say Sally May”. The thing is, it takes a whole lot of loving to maintain which at times can be a literal pain in the neck (and arm). Thankfully I have a few essentials on hand which you can grab from lookfantastic.com.

Hair Perfume | Label.m

LABEL.M HAIR PERFUME: £20.50 per 50ml

Straight up, I won’t lie to you, I don’t wash my hair every day. INFACT, I don’t wash my hair every other day! TRUTH is…I wash my hair once a week. My hair has “afro qualities”. I have no idea how I got it but genetics handed me afro, course, and exceptionally thick hair. It grows sideways instead of down-ways, and it’s almost water repellent I swear.

Drying and styling takes the best part of 2 hours if I’m needing to dry and straighten it in one go, so when I do wash it I tend to let it dry by itself into it’s mega-fro (Which can take 5+ hours if I’m moving around, however it’s still wet if I leave it damp overnight), and then comb it down and get the straighteners on it over the days that follow. It’s intense.

So to make sure it’s still looking and smelling fresh between washes, I spritz on the label.m hair perfume for the day. The bottle you see now is an “old one” would you believe, and had been used about 10-15 times. As you can see, it takes quite a beating before it runs down, so don’t panic at the price too much – this lasts you an age.

The smell is very “luxe”. Imagine an actual salon day, somewhere in a posh area of London or something, where you get the option of tea or champagne for your welcome. It’s not sweet or “generic” smelling, but sophisticated and “Salon”. The smell sticks BIG TIME, lasts all day, and also leaves you with a healthy shine, especially if you give it a spritz on freshly straightened hair.

Invisibobble Hair Tie.


Not only do these have a cute little name about them, they’re pretty ingenious too! They remind me of old telephone cables from phones back in the late 80s, early 90s (If you don’t remember phones with cables, then…I’m not THAT old…promise). Basically they’re super sturdy stretchy bands to tie your hair up with which don’t snag due to their curly whirly plastic coating, and in addition to that they don’t get wrecked if you wear them on your wrist and get your hands wet from washing!

If you have thicker or really curly hair, they’re absolutely more than capable of securing your locks into a neat pony or bun super easily, and again because of their material, you’re not at any risk of them pinging off or snapping under the strain.

They even look blooming cool on your wrist aswell, with their fancy metallic colours and stuff! I love gold, but they come in a rose gold and silver too. They’re also made in a way which reduces the tension on your head which regular bands can bring on a headache with.



And lastly for the essentials round up..a blooming good brush! You can’t have a hair grooming post about key grooming products without  a hair brush of some kind, surely?

A hairbrush, for me, needs to have several essential qualities:

  • STRENGTH!! When you have a lot of hair which is pretty much an entity all by itself, you need a stick to tame it, and your hairbrush needs to stand against every rebellious snag and pull that your mop-top might throw at you. My last hairdresser snapped two combs in my hair over the years, so no doubt, a brush needs to be tough!
  • Wide bristles/teeth. Wider teeth or bristles on hair brushes are a big help for fuller and curly hair, whereas narrower bristles can promote frizz and snagging on coarse hair like mine. 
  • Compact. I like to carry the thing about from time to time. I don’t want it clogging up my bag, and similarly I don’t want it to feel like I’m stroking an oar through my hair whilst I’m styling. It’s hard enough as it is!

So the KENT AH10W handles all of those points really, really well. Sure, it’s narrow and so covers slightly less surface area than a paddle brush might for me, however I like the precision of a narrower brush, and I prefer light weight and compact-ness over bigg-ness. The teeth are abundant enough to cope with the job, but also perfectly spaced for effortlessly working through my tresses. I get no knots, no kinky, and no snags. It’s perfect. The handle is solid plastic and has a lovely weight to it, whilst there being an added bonus of a rubber grip too for security. Brilliant value for money at £7.95 too,

Happy Hairmas!

This post comes to you with affiliated links. All views and opinions of the Label.m Hair Perfume, Invisibobble, and Kent Airheadz Hairbrush are those of my own.


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