Lush Bath Bomb Review: Big Blue Egg

We’re approaching Easter time! Hooray!

I’m sadly not too good with chocolate eggs, so what better way to indulge along with you than with a Lush splurge on their eggy goodness (not to be consumed, but rather dunk yourself in instead).

Introducing a little seasonal mini-series of delights for both skin and the nose, featuring Lush’s egg shaped bath bombs for comfy, watery, times.

Big Blue Egg

What does Lush have to say about this guy?

“This should probably be called the Big, Big Blue Egg. After all, you’ll feel like you’ve really taken a dip in the ocean when you immerse yourself in depths of skin-softening salt waters and are caressed by waves of lavender and lemon oils.”

They certainly speak the truth! It’s not just this bath bomb in the Easter range that’s a hefty handful, but all of them feel like they’re packing way more of a punch in the size department than the regular spherical delights. I don’t know whether that’s true, and they are larger than the originals, or just an optical illusion because of the shape.

On first smell, there’s a sweetness to it, a little bit like a packet of refreshers actually, which soon develops into more of a citrus hit (but with sugar on). Another very noticeable element to the egg-bomb is it’s little bit of “hair”, which isn’t hair at all, but seaweed! On the outside, it just looks like a pinch of the stuff, but just you wait and see. JUST.YOU.WAIT.

Dust payoff on the hand is relatively low, which is nice, and on closer inspection you  can see very fine particles of glitter in there too.



  1. The egg pretty much explodes on contact with your bath water. Look at it go! The level of effervescence is awesome, and the bath is full of “Big Blueness” within around 10 seconds.
  2. The smell is just as strong in the bath as it is out of the bath. Love it when that happens. Additional happy news is the scent is utterly gorgeous if you’re a fan of citrus with a hint of sweet. I’m not overly keen on full blown citrus scents (they knock me back a little), but this has a twang of sherbet to it as a top note, softening the zing.
  3. The water becomes saturated with the skin loving ingredients to the point that within around 5 minutes soaking, your legs feel buttery. Very, very impressed!


  1. Haw, I thought there was glitter in there! This isn’t really a ‘con’ as such, and perfectly fine by me, however the glitter payoff which looks obvious when the egg is in hand, does not reflect in the bath once dissolved. If you’re main jam about this guy is the glitter, prepare for an ultra subtle effect.
  2. Good lord, that’s a lot of seaweed!! Sure, you can see there’s seaweed in there before it goes in the bath, but you are NOT prepared for just how much. My bath refused to drain properly with the volume of the stuff, and lots of cleaning out was required.
  3. The seaweed makes your bath slippy. Don’t fall over!

Final Verdict: 8/10 : Adored the scent of this egg-cellent installment, in both type and potency on the skin. The ingredients are instantly effective on the skin to the point that I found the results gasp worthy. As I mention though, be prepared to need a bin nearby for the seaweed extraction, and a potentially slippery situation on your way out 😉

Full list of ingredients can be found HERE.


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