Bath And Shower Time Favourites


New Bathroom. Time To Enjoy.

I owe you all a 'before and after' snapshot of the new bathroom, don't I? I'll start work on that real soon, but for now, all of this renovation lark calls for some much needed luxe-pamper time.

Once the bathroom got finished, Lloyd and I took a rather frivolous trip into Cambridge centre to spend our money on some treats for a change, as oppose to fixtures, fittings, and work men. I indulged heavily in some of my all time favourite  brands, and am excited to bring you my top picks of the season for the bath, shower, and body!

If you're interested in "digital bathing" too (techy, right?!), then the digital bath mixer and filler we have is the "Aqualisa - Quartz Digital Bath Filler with Digital Control", and is featured in the photo above. If you're even further interested, we painted that wall that it's on in "Tarnished Shilling" bathroom paint, by Valspar. The huge house plant there too is from Homebase. You can pick up huge ones there for just under £30. It's awsome!

Body Favourites.


Molton Brown Vanilla And Violet Flower Bath Soak | John Lewis | £20 [Click To Shop]

My scent preferences change so much over the year, and definitely abide by seasonal direction. In spring I love more floral scents, whereas in summer I like to add in a little more sweetness and warmth to the floral base. Autumn, I just want everything to smell like food, and December is all about the spice and musk.

Anyway, for me, vanilla and violet flower in this bath soak is the perfect combination of sweet without sickly, and sophisticated floral. It's very feminine, and lingers on the body for a full day after only using a very small drizzle under the running bath tap. Foam is soft and luxurious, and the bathroom itself is filled with the scent for hours after washing.


Nuxe Precious Scented Shower Oil | John Lewis | £10.50 [Click To Shop]

I've been a fan of the original Nuxe body oil for years and years, and on a recent trip to John Lewis I discovered way more skincare in the range, and to my absolute delight there was a DUO PACK of the 'Nuxe Precious Scented Shower Oil' on offer for £10.50! True to it's name, a wash down with this gorgeous oil based, gel body wash bursts with that original Nuxe fragrance, and lasts easily a full day. Your skin is left squeaky clean and beautifully smooth. I adore it. Incredible value too!


Philosophy Pure Grace Body Lotion | John Lewis | £29.00 [Click To Shop]

If you're a fan of Philosophy body products then you'll know that you can't be shy when it comes to how strong you want their scents to linger, right? From the incredibly sweet 'Birthday Cake', to the tangy 'Senorita Margarita', they know what they're doing in the world of "smellies", and it's divine! I was looking for an after bath/shower lotion, however, and with my tastes currently running to the fresh and feminine, I opted for a big bottle of one of their flagship scents 'Pure Grace'. Anti oxidant and vitamin E infused, this is such a treat to end your pamper sesh with. It's formula absorbs on contact, leaves no sticky residue so you can get right to throwing that cosy robe on, and leaves you relaxing down with a gentle, lingering, warm, floral scent.

Hair Care.


Kiehl's Smoothing Oil Infused Shampoo & Conditioner | John Lewis | £19.50 & £19.00 [Click To Buy Shampoo | Conditioner]

Both of these guys are formulated with argan oil, and are targeted support for those of us with ultra thick, coarse, and hard to handle hair. These guys promise to help deliver softness, smooth those pesky, pingy hair follicles down, and lock in moisture after every wash and conditioning treatment. The scent, to me, is quite medicinal, but that's not unusual for Kiehl's products, due to their natural nature. So far, so very good for me with this dream team!


OGX Coconut Milk Serum | Waitrose | £7.00 [Click To Buy]

Whenever I washed my hair a few months back (and for a long time before then!), I was always prone to breakage. I blame the dryness and coarseness of my hair structure, as well as LOTS of straightener abuse as a teen! This OGX Coconut Milk Serum is made specifically as an anti-breakage treatment. Just a regular leave in serum on wet hair, after washing and conditioning. It's worked perfectly well for a more budget brand purchase, and I'll most definitely continue factoring it into my hair care routine, as it keeps my hair smooth when naturally drying, as well as providing a reduction in just how much hair used to come off in my hand whilst giving my head a good scrub! Lovely scent too. All about scents, aren't I?!

Thanks For Reading!

I hope this helps bring a little luxury into your wash time. If you have any favourites to share with me, then I'm always open to exploring new ranges to enjoy!  Leave me a comment to help me out 🙂 Thanks millions!


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