Primal Snack Box, March 2016!

Tasty time! Yep, another monthly treasure that is Primal Snack Box!

The lovely people at have once again delivered with this March installment (side note, this is 100% my own purchase, and this is not sponsored content :))…Also…I hope it’s March…let’s say March…

My video this time takes a candid twist whereby my arch nemesis, the Tiger Nut, bites back at me for my comments on its dryness, and breaks my fixed brace bracket!

Screenshot (70)

I will be booking myself in for a slightly earlier check up than first planned to sort this silly thing out. Needless to say though, I did not want to let it get in the way of my beloved and I!!!

Screenshot (68)

I’ve already devoured a couple of things actually. As expected, the Kale Chips didn’t last long. They boasted having essence of pineapple in them, however I was a little sad that it wasn’t more noticable…BUT, this isn’t to say that they were a write off. No way. Very yum!

I’ve also gently finished off the little energy ball things (Fit Bites), and tried a little of the Ombar chocolate.

Screenshot (78)

Screenshot (82)

Lemon and Green Tea IS a very strange combo, if I’m honest. I have to say that this is the only chocolate I’ve ever eaten which actually is faithful to the actual flavour of green tea, and the lemon is more bitter than…generic sweet, and artificial lemon. It’s very interesting, and I’m very glad I tried it, however my ultimate favourite Ombar has to be the softer centered ones.

I mean, if we’re talking ABSOLUTE favourite chocolate bars, then Panna Chocolate wins every time, but sadly we were not graced with it’s heavenly presence this time around (not a problem though! Wouldn’t swap this contents for the world! Well…maybe those blooming Tiger Nuts!!).

Oh! That reminds me! If you sign up to Primal Snack Box as a new customer, you can save 10% off your first box at the moment. Also, I can’t recommend their mailing list to you enough. There are lots of really cool competitions to join in with, lots of recipe ideas from the boxes they have on offer, and even a heads up on special themed boxes when they come about! Right now, there’s an Easter collection box.


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