Perfectly Paleo Easter Hamper (March 2016)

Easter time! So many chocolate treats around. For me, I don’t really get on very well with conventional sweet things, so find my own way to getting the tastiness, by looking for more handmade and less sugary varieties of yums. Obviously I keep going back to Perfectly Paleo. 

Today’s video shows off the amazing Perfectly Paleo Easter Hamper; a collection of raw chocolate/cacao, fruit and nutty, snacks and treats, all themed around the Easter Holidays. I hope you enjoyed seeing me digging through the unboxing, and obviously being a little silly with it at times.

As you may already know (but for those of you who don’t), Perfectly Paleo is a one stop store for those following a tasty, Paleo lifestyle. There are tonnes of Paleo friendly, Allergy friendly, and Intolerance friendly treats, foods, and snacks to choose from, as well as really simple recipes and offers. There’s a link to follow at the bottom of this post, if you’re interested, and if you sign up you can get 10% off your first order.

Screenshot (161)

So as that was a “fly-by” video overview (the last unboxing I did just ended in disaster with my brace breaking, after I lost all of my self control and unboxed the snack crate, whilst eating through it on camera at the same time.), I thought I would focus my thoughts and review into this blog post as an accompaniment.



The box opens up with a lovely welcome to Easter, and an introduction to the special edition Easter Hamper. Obviously I’m so happy to see ‘Planet Organic’ listed on the front.

I only very recently went into a ‘Planet Organic’ when I stopped by in London, and could have quite literally spent hours in there for all of the brands and divine food there was stocked around. I got a carton of Birch Water, I remember (mind was blown)…but didn’t think much of it. No worries though, those things are there to be tried!


On the back of the card was the “Menu”. Lots of my favourite brands on here, but also quite a few I hadn’t heard of, namely Fit Fudge, Raw Halo, and G.ORG.E.

Screenshot (133)

So once you get past the fancy red ribbon, you find this! Beautifully packaged, and full to the brim, the hamper boasts mega variety.

Everything absolutely IS chocolately, there’s no denying it, but so many flavours of chocolate.

Screenshot (131)

Immediately I was drawn to the Raw Halo wrapper. “Goji & Vanilla”, and “Dark Nibs” Artisan Chocolate, the gold wrapper with the shiny tab was just too pretty to go unnoticed. I had never seen this brand until now, but it’s already a huge winner.

As with everything else in the ‘raw range’ of chocolate products from Perfectly Paleo, and Planet Organic, for example, these bars are made with the finest organic ingredients, are 100% natural,and contain no refined sugars. This particular product from Raw Halo is made using Coconut Sugar, and Cacao Butter as the main ingredients, and the story behind it is that the brand itself came about from “one girl’s passion for eating clean, combined with a love of chocolate”. Basically enforcing that you can still “eat clean”, and indulge in this kind of sweet thing too.

Screenshot (136)

Primal Pantry are no stranger, and many a time have I grabbed a bar like this from either Holland and Barrett or Superdrug. They’re simply Paleo branded, sticky, fruit and nut bars. They’re fine. Not very ‘brace friendly’, and quite expensive when bought on their own and not in a deal, but still a leading Paleo Friendly snack bar in the market (few and far between at that).

Coco Caravan have appeared in past Primal Snackboxes. Big fan of these. The bars are huge, and contain a nice, hefty quantity of raw chocolate (75%). I like my coco solids high, some as high as 85% if I’m desperate and Green & Black’s bars are the only thing in reach.

I don’t think I’ve tried this flavour yet, as the “Currant Caramel” confused me a bit, but I’m pretty excited about it.

Screenshot (138)

Lovechock always turns up somewhere. It makes a very regular appearance in some form in a lot of snackboxes and healthfood shops around. I’ve not tried this flavour yet. Makes me smile reading “Baobab”..just makes me think of the big tree in The Lion King. Mmmm..tasty tree. Lovely, very high percentage cacao bar with a little added extra. Nice.

Screenshot (139)

Another shot of the Raw Halo packaging. So pretty. I’m actually tucking into the Goji Berry one now actually, as I write this post. It’s certainly more milky chocolate than I’m used to with raw bars. They’re normally darker than dark, so this is such an interesting change. I like it! The gojo berries are whole too, which is excellent. Really nice texture contrast to the smooth chocolate.

Screenshot (142)

GAH, so good. These Coconut Caramel Pralines are gone. They were gone in the instant I managed to get them open. I can’t for a minute understand how the makers have managed to make them taste so “naughty”. As I say in my video, they are just like caramel cups. They have a super sweet, melt in the middle, soft centre, surrounded by dark chocolate parcels. The box itself is sturdy, and luxurious for only housing four chocolates! The all come individually pocketed in wrappers too. You can see a closeup of them nestled all up in there toward the end of my vlog review.

Screenshot (144)

I’ve tried a little bit of the Fossil Fuel bar already. I thought it’d be pretty hard to eat with my braces, but actually it’s surprisingly soft (thank goodness). It’s a little like a cross between a sponge bar, and a squishy fruit bar, but thin and soft. Nice chocolate taste, with chunks of macadamia. I’d definitely go for another of these.

Screenshot (145)

Screenshot (147)

This thing!! Has anyone else tried one of these?? I’ve never heard if the brand, and also never heard of the…concept either! I can’t currently tell you anything about it, as I’ve done what it’s told me to to and put it in my freezer. I’m so flipping excited! Sounds like it’ll be something of a frozen, chocolate, dessert? Will it be soft? Will it be like an ice pop? I’ll have to let you know, but if you’ve already tried one, let me know beforehand! I’m too impatient to wait!

Screenshot (149)

Almighty Foods…I’m sure I saw this in Planet Organic. Anything coffee is good, so I’m excited about this. There have been quite a few bars with hemp in, so this isn’t anything unusual. I can’t say it makes much difference to the taste, and I doubt I’ll taste much other than coffee in this, but it’ll be interesting when I get around to it.

Screenshot (152)

Screenshot (154)

And lastly, the G.ORG.E handmade ‘chocolate truffle easter egg’. I’ve included a photo above of the note that’s popped in the back of it. It’s a cute package with lots of pretend straw inside. Anything with a truffle consistency is a mega win in my book. Before all of this ‘clean eating sweet stuff’, I used to LOVE the Galaxy Truffle egg things in boxes of Celebrations. I hope this is the same sort of thing. I haven’t experienced a ‘proper truffle’ middle of anything like this in a long, long time, so I’m excited.

Screenshot (155)

And that’s it! Very happy with this. The box was packaged beautifully, as I say, and everything was perfectly on theme for a sweet Easter.

All you can eat, raw, deliciousness can be found here

Thanks to Merlin for his cameo appearance midway through. Silly little buddy.


Happy Easter!

Perfectly Paleo


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