Gluten Free Chia Muffins. Honey and Lemon Style.

Happy Easter everyone! I’m celebrating the Easter Bunny and Spring time this weekend by baking some muffins. These muffins were crafted with a twist, but from the awesome foundation base of the Ugg Foods Chia Seeds Muffin Mix. 

This “Quick Ready Mix Pack” makes a batch of 9 chia muffins, and encourages the addition of lemon to the recipe mix as you go, to zing them up even more. In my case though, I went full speed and wanted a soggy middle of honey in there too. Honey and Lemon…got to be a favourite, right? These are so moreish and sweet, without the refined sugar, and perfect for Paleos.

They came out chunky, sweet, zesty, and oh so melty-middled, I just can’t find the adjectives worthy enough.

So, Ugg! I picked up both this mix and the Raw honey from my favourite online Paleo foods store, ‘Perfectly Paleo’ (

Ugg Foods pride themselves on selling “Guilt Free Natural Treats”, which are Gluten Free, Dairy Free, and come with no added sugar (in place of sugar, it seems they use Xylitol and Sweetener. All good with me!). They also call out that their recipes and formulas make good for people who live a lifestyle of reduced carb intake (perfect for Paleos), are  high in fibre, and are a good source of Omega-3.

FYI, typical nutritional info PER MUFFIN is as follows:

  • About 190 Calories.
  • 9g of Fat (only 1.5g of sat fat).
  • 17g of Carbs (1.2g of which sugars).
  • 3.1g of Fibre.
  • 6.3g of Protein.
  • 0.2g of Salt.

The only major ingredients in this mix are:

  1. Almond Meal.
  2. Sweetener/Xylitol.
  3. Chia Seeds.
  4. Coconut Flour.
  5. Gluten Free Baking Powder.

And that’s it. So really, if you weren’t terrible for having spare time on your hands, or awful at measuring out the correct amounts of coconut flour you need for cake baking, you could easily whip up that base manually, with each of those individual ingredients! This pack is like heaven for me though, as It means I get to dodge making all of the terrible weighing out mistakes…

Screenshot (180)

So the pack gives you two alternative recipes. One is just a standard, plain, chia muffin result, and the other is a lemon chia muffin.

I wanted to just go all out and make the most tasty cauldron of goodness ever, so thought I would follow the lemon recipe, but add in the honey for a maxed out point explosion.

Basic action required really:

  1. Throw the Ugg Mix into a bowl.
  2. Because you forgot, preheat the oven to any of the following that apply:
    1. Fan assisted oven at 140 degrees C/285 degrees F.
    2. A non fan assisted oven at 160C/320F.
    3. Gas oven at Gas Mk 3.
    4. can’t do any of these things, however for me, the bottom oven of the Aga was fab for about 25 minutes of cooking time, with a quick blast in the top for a further 20-25 minutes to end.
    5. Crack in 4 eggs.
    6. Add 2 tablespoons of mild olive oil*.
    7. The zest and juice of 2 lemons (in a measuring jug with the juice, and make up to 125ml with water).
    8. Whisk the breath out of the stuff.

*STOP PRESS.So I messed up it seems, on reading the recipe again…

Apparently I was meant to put 150ml of the oil in to the lemon deluxe recipe. It’s only 2 tablespoons in for the regular recipe…Thing is…they came out absolutely wonderful, so goodness only knows how amazing they might be if you use the right quantity of oil in this method…

All of the mix then happily gets spooned equally into 9 muffin cases in a regular muffin bake tray.

These then go into a regular fan assisted oven at 140 degrees C/285 degrees F, or a non fan assisted oven at 160C/320F, or Gas oven at Gas Mk 3.

Aga ended up working out at about 25 minutes of cooking time in the bottom oven section, with a quick blast in the top for a further 20-25 minutes to end.

Then it’s time for the filling, along with heavily euphemism.

I picked up a very inexpensive muffin filler cone from my local bake shop, stuck it into the middle of the muffin once cooled, and generously squeezed the honey into the funnel. Mmmm. You could use anything really, as long as it was quite runny. I fear that jam would get stuck in the tube…Maple syrup would be amazing though!

Finish off the lovely things with some more grated lemon zest to disguise the honey hole…

Enjoy! Let me know if you’ve tried them too! What other flavours could we do?

For more on Ugg Foods, you can go on to their website at They have lots of recipes there, and obviously a store page for more of their mixes.

Oh, and have a lovely Easter!


Perfectly Paleo


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