Primal Snack Box April 2016

Here we go again! It’s the monthly arrival of one rather special, delectable box of snacking once again, from Primal Snack Box. It’s the April 2016 edition! Hooray!

Normally I would vlog the unboxing, however forgive me but I began this month with an awful bout of the flu, and am still not quite 100% camera pose efficient. I couldn’t hold off reporting in on the tastiness though, so this time it’s just with a blog post until I’m looking dandy enough to pull faces again.

If you’re a regular reader, you know that I’m ever the obsessive with Primal Snack Box for months now. You can check in on more details in previous posts (March was here), however just as a regular overview, this snack box is a monthly subscription scoff cavern of Primal and Paleo friendly foods. Lots of dairy free, gluten free, grain free alternatives for supporting a Primal, Paleo, or simply whatever might suit your snack habits around your chosen lifestyle. You can check out the different tier systems here, on the main PSB Website. This one is a vegan/veggie box, but there are other versions for the major meat eaters too. I mean, I eat meat actually, but I haven’t got around to trying the other boxes just yet.

As usual there’s the beautifully presented box stuffed with all of the yummies, a menu card, and a recipe too with this month’s box. It just so happens that this one is absolutely excellent for me, as I have a huge, lonely stash of chia seeds hanging around for just such an occasion as this to make Blueberry Chia Jam *dies happy*. I have it in my head to make some Gluten Free scones this week, so a jam like this would be ever so, EVER SO welcome for sure. I’ll make sure I sum it up here on the blog if all’s a success (and even if it isn’t. I hope it is though!).

I had already spotted a spoiler on this month’s box to do with the addition of a coffee pouch for April! A Turmeric Latte no less, that you can make up yourself. I’ve not been familiar with Sweet Revolution before, but I must get better associated if this is the kind of treat they have to offer!

I do feel that drinks are a majorly rare thing to find in sub boxes these days, so I lose my head a little when I know I can drink something in them…Not only is there a coffee drink this month though, but also another drink product in the form of my potential nemesis, coconut water, by Coco Mojo. 

I desperately want to love coconut water. Honestly, I admit it, I want to sound like the coconut cool kids too and ‘go for a coconut water’, and stand glistening in the sunshine with it, and wear yoga pants whilst sipping it, but I just end up vomming everywhere! I just can’t get into it, and coconut-lord knows I’ve tried, over and over! This one has a cool little guy on it and everything!

Such cool packaging. I’m not sure how I feel about coconut guy being an angel though…Did he die? I hope not. Well…wait…we are kind of drinking his insides. Poor guy.

Alas, and for what I think is the final time of trying, and wishing, an hoping that coconut water tastes that little bit different for me, I can confirm that I still don’t like it. Big sad face. I do really love how this brand sells itself though, and if I did like it, I’m quite sure that I’d be drawn to this pack.

So I see a few familiar faces here, namely Cru Crackers (really, really tasty Chia based Crackers. I’m sure I had some chili ones a while back), A Gnaw on Nature pack by my favourites at Planet Organic. Golden Berries, I think I had last time. This time, chocolate “fancy” almonds, or as I keep reading it, “Foncy” – hahaha. 

Also SAF RAW Salt and Black Pepper Walnuts (They were ACTIVATED CRACKERS last time. Spinach, I believe). Once again, huge smile over the fact that they’re “Activated”. It’s so sci fi for my insides!

Always a big fan of coconut pecks too. I generally can’t get enough of either Kale or Coconut chips. They’re such a tasty alternative to potato chips/crisps of the years gone by, and can happily be sweet or savory.

With the Cru Crackers, I like to slather on either a swipe of fresh avocado with a sprinkle of salt, or paprika, or run across one with a bit of cottage cheese and tomato if I’m feeling frisky. 

Always happy to see a snack bar actually. I won’t lie. In fact, I’m thinking about doing a post on my ultimate healthy, squidgy bar favourites, with a winner at the end for a swanky reader competition. Sit tight for that.

I’ve had a couple of Rude Health bars before, but weirdly I’ve never tried this pumpkin on! It’s making me think very much of autumn on this spring day, which is absolutely no complaint from me, what with Autumn being my most frequently missed season and all. I love a good bonfire smell.

I’ve seen many on the RAW BITE bars around (I’m usually really drawn in to their colourful packaging, but I think the Rude Health wrapper is pushing the poor guy out of the way here a bit this time), but never actually tried one, so this is great to see here! It’s just regular cacao, but  that’s always a solid flavour for me. I’ve got a thing about dunking cacao bars in my tea…yomp.

And that’s about it for this time around! On the regular as usual, the box is never a disappointment, and my handbag is now delicious again, well, bar my silly brain rejecting coconut water. But maybe…maybe if I just try one more time.


My box here is an example of “The Forest”:


The Forest caters for vegans and vegetarians, as well as those who simply would prefer not to have dried meat snacks.

£17.99 / month

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