Tasty Treats for Your Toast! My Favourite Picks.

Toast. Since my tummy took a turn for the worse with it’s relationship with gluten and wheat, toast has been a distant memory. This was until I discovered the UGGFoods Chia and Nut loaf you can bake at home, and toast was FINALLY back in my life! You can see how I make this super bread over here on my previous post: Chia and Nut Bread with UGGFoods.

As you may know, I do love exploring the tastiest alternatives to regular snacks and such on the market, and always opt for more organic, sugar free/no added sugar, raw counterparts. It certainly doesn’t stop at toast toppings, that’s for sure!

So! Here’s the rundown of my top 4 ‘lifestyle alternatives’ to smush on your toast!

For me, cooking on an Aga is the only option. It keeps you warm in the winter, boiling in the summer, and makes absolutely divine toast. 

Topping Time!

  1. Scrambled eggs and Salmon. A firm favourite of many. Adding eggs and salmon atop the already protein packed Chia and Nut slice just makes for the most satisfying filler of a snack ever. Ideal for breakfasts.
  2. Coconut and Almond Butter from Planet Organic. Good lord this is incredible. I’ve been addicted to coconut for absolutely ages now, and had no idea it existed in a nut butter until now! Thankfully I’m a huge fan of almond butter too, so throwing both together is the dream marriage. Its smooth, doesn’t stick your mouth together as much as other butters like peanut or regular almond, and contains strictly goodness. You can pick some up instore, or here at Planet Organic online. The do a crunchy version too!
  3. Free’ist Orange Marmalade. Welcome to the most delicious, ‘natural occurring sugars only’ Orange Marmalade you have ever tasted. Primary ingredients are Oranges, Orange Juice from Concentrate, Grape Juice from Concentrate, Gelling Agent (Xanthan Gum, Pectin), Preservative (Potassium Sorbate), Sweetener (Sucralose). The taste is quite tart, as with any marmalade on the market, but this one just tastes like mushed up oranges…and nothing much else! It’s so fresh on the after taste, and happily low in sugars. I love the orange peel floating around in there too! You can grab some from here.
  4. Honey. You can’t beat an excellent quality spread of raw honey on your crispy toast. Granted, I only currently have the Sainsbury’s floral, manuka variety in at the moment, but I love to treat myself every now and then to a slither of PROPER honey on my breakfast bread. A sweet treat when, in moderation, is really quite good for you.

What do you like to top your toast with? Let me know! 


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