Sweet, Green, Coco-loco Breakfast

My tasty, ‘go to’, mega quick prep breakfast  to scoffle down before a busy day. This combination is good for those of you skipping grains from your diet, as well as gluten, dairy, and if you’re as strict a vegan as they come, you can leave out the honey and enjoy this too!

My favourite combo:

  1. Alpro Plain with Coconut. DELICIOUS!! I love Alpro yogurts anyway, but THIS! COCONUT!
  2. Planet Organic Grain Free, Paleo Granola in the “Sweet Greens” variety. Gorgeous flakes of coconut, wholesome nuts, seeds, chia seeds, all slow baked with GL Coconut sugar. Again…COCONUT!! I can’t get enough! Compliments the Alpro choice just right.
  3. A squeeze of honey to taste (optional). I like the Rowse brand when I can’t get to a farm shop. They’re an excellent brand readily available in the supermarket for convenience, and the one I’ve recently found here has 5+ Manuka!

How to! (It’s so easy I could cry).

  1. Dollop a generous helping of the Alpro Coconut Plain Yogurt into your favourite morning bowl.
  2. Now, I like to mark out where I’m going to put my granola first, with a ring of honey. This way, the honey also mixes in with the yogurt too, rather than just sitting on top of the nuts and stuff.
  3. Spoon out the granola onto the yogurt.
  4. Add a cheeky bit more honey to the top, if you like.
  5. I mean, seriously…that took seconds.

And there we have it! A super quick, super food brekkie for sensitive tummies, and dietary lifestyles alike. Let me know if you have any favourite combos in a style like this!

Have a great day!


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