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If you’re following a strict, low carb lifestyle, or are a tough guy/girl Keto fiend and want to pack in a tonne of protein with as little sugar involved in sweet treats as possible, you’re probably familiar with the likes of Quest Bars.

These guys are a dense (oh so VERY dense) bar carrying as much as 21g of protein per serving, with as little as 5g of net carbs, Gluten Free, with 14g of fibre. Really handy things for those of you working out, or like I say, livin’ la vida low carb.

The thing is, they’re tough to eat! For someone like me with braces and a weak jaw, there’s no way I can get one of these through my teeth easily without breaking it apart first, and according to ‘the internet’, I’m not alone, and so the “Quest for Cookies” was created.

Here is a very cheaty, VERY simply way to transform your Quest bars into utterly delicious, easy to snack on, easy to “come back to” cookies, with a little added twist with serving suggestions.



Before you start, set your oven to around 180C (all oven types. You just want it hot enough to melt something a little).

Grab a Quest Bar of your choice! I’m going for a pretty standard flavour here, with chocolate chip cookie dough.

Carefully cut off the wrapper and pull the whole bar out of there!

Even more carefully than that, take your Quest bar and cut it into four portions. The number of portions totally depends on how big you like your cookies. I find that four is plenty for each bite, and they go a longer way.

Take one of the portions and warm in your hand until it’s easily manipulated into a shape of some kind (Ideally cookie shaped!)

Once you’ve made your cookie shapes, pop them onto a buttered up making tray, and get ready to bake!

So I didn’t want to keep it too simple, you know? I wanted to add a little flair to the whole affair. To help spruce these guys up a little, I thought why not add some 100% dark chocolate buttons to the top for added indulgence. The buttons I use are from Hotel Chocolat, and contain nothing but cocoa solids straight from the bean. No sugar, no added dairy. Nothing. JUST ‘chocolate’, so it keeps the whole intention of the cookie goals going steady.




No timer or skills required here, you just want to think like you’re simply warming them through, you know? Remember, this isn’t raw dough, so these things can be as hot as you like, however as a good guideline for getting soft, gooey results, I would say leave them in the oven for around 10 minutes, or until golden brown.

When the time is up, pull them out, and you should have something that looks like this!

I mean, they look like actual, “baked from scratch”, cookies right? I honestly don’t think there are many people you could fool with these, and the smell in the kitchen lessens suspicion even more so. JUST like freshly baked, homemade, loveliness.

Now they’re done, an added bonus to the fact that you actually haven’t baked them from scratch, and have simply softened them up into something different, you don’t have to wait for them to cool down! In fact, I absolute urge you NOT to wait for them to cool down, and serve them up straight away!


The outside of the cookie crisps up beautifully, whilst the centre seems to fluff up a little, and develop air bubbles in there which we’re not at all present when the bar is…just a bar. The whole thing takes on a “cakie” texture, even rises a little, and becomes squidgy and soft to bite into, with a crust like finish. The addition of a chocolate puddle on the top just makes it ever more deluxe an experience, and let’s face it, makes them look even more irresistible.

Climatic serving suggestion?

Adding a generous drizzle of heavy or full cream to your cookies when they’re hot throws your thrill levels all over the place, but still keeps those of your in the Ketogenic spectrum all hyped!

There are so many different varieties of Quest Bar out there, just think of the possibilities! From lemon pie, Oreo, Apple Crumble, Raspberry and White Chocolate, ALL with the same nutritional values tailored toward this kind of eating.

I pick up my Quest Bars from Holland and Barrett for £2.99 each, or a box of 12 for £30.10




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