Balsajo Black Garlic Burger


The second installment from my week trying out the Gousto Box for the first time,! Introducing the Balsajo Black Garlic Burger, but with my own twist of serving it two ways: As the original recipe, and a Paleo friendly alternative.

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We’ve just moved house from the Isle of Wight, where black garlic is no stranger. I remember it being launched for the first time at ‘The Garlic Farm’ there, and not really knowing exactly what to do with it, other than marvel over it.

Moving to Cambridge, I thought we would maybe hear the last of it, but lo and behold, here comes a recipe with black garlic! And no less, appears in one of my favourite fancies : A Burger.

If you’re not familiar with Gousto Box, they are a meal subscription service providing you with precision portion ingredients for everything you need to make their proposed, weekly recipes, from scratch. I’m giving it a go to ease the pressure off trying to source tasty foods around a very busy lifestyle, and still have the pleasure of progressing with cooking!

Chips and Wedges:

As I mentioned at the start of this post, I decided to tailor this recipe into two versions. Firstly, the original, as Gousto intended, with the second being my own version which is only very slightly altered to fit in with a more Paleo, low carb lifestyle.

With that in mind, the first step was to prepare the potato wedges, by chopping the Gousto potatoes  into shape, and then an additional portion of hand cut sweet potato chips, for my variation.

Black Garlic:

Prepping the black garlic was fun…You are warned about it on the recipe card, but these little guys are sticky!! A couple of cloves need finely chopping into little ‘chocolate chip’ sized pieces, ready to be mixed into the burger patty for cooking.

The smell is divine though. There’s an almost ‘burnt caramel’ aroma to it as it’s cut…but a pleasant ‘burnt’, if you get me.

Burger Time:

Very simply, the mince was pulled apart a little from the pack, and flopped into a bowl. Needing nothing more than sprinkling in the black garlic pieces that you just chopped, adding to it. 

A tip here is to make you you add the garlic a small sprinkle at a time, so that you get an even distribution of it running through the mince. If you add it all in one go, it’ll grab hold of all of the pieces at once, and you’ll end up with a ball of black garlic in the centre of your mince.

As this recipe is for two people, the mince mixture is then split into two, and flattened to what Gousto recommend is slightly larger in circumference than the brioche bun provided.

All good! You should have something which looks, very simply, like this. Easy peasy. It’s recommended again, by Gousto, that these should be wrapped and sat in the freezer until ready to fry, in order for them to keep their shape. Nice tip! Didn’t know about that.

Nice Buns and Finishing Touches:

Ok good, so by now the wedges and chips are almost done, but still doing. The patties are prepped, now it’s time for the finishing touches. 

Gousto provide you with two brioche buns to toast off for this recipe too. We were only going to use one here, as my version was going to be ‘naked’ (ah yihh). 

Evenly cut down the middle, the bun halves were then placed flat side down into a dry, hot pan for around 2 minutes, or just toast up to your preference.

So I loved this bit. I absolutely thought that the lettuce would just be shredded or just pulled apart for decoration and laying in the bun, but no! You had to do something I never even thought was a thing!

Two outer leaves were removed firstly. These were for serving with the burger itself, however then the recipe prompts you to cut down the lettuce heart centrally, and toast for three minutes!

I was terrified!! I thought it might catch fire or anything, at first, but no! The centre browns off beautifully, and is then placed to one side whilst the tomatoes are sliced.

It’s at this point too that the cheese was cut in half, because this needed to look all fancy, and melt onto the patties shortly.

Meat Time:

The fun starts! 

Grab the burger patties from the freezer, and plonk them into a hot, oiled pan. These need only three minutes, on one side, before any kind of flipping goes on.

Once the patties were flipped, it was on with the cheese.

Gousto recommend now using the lid for your pan to cover the cheese topped meaty bits, in order for it to melt over the top. The thing is, we were using just a regular frying pan, so no lif was available. 

Quick thinking spurred us to let the remaining side cook for a further three minutes as the previous, but then pop them both under the grill for a moment to let the cheese do it’s thing here.

And it did…

Black Garlic Sauce:

Letting those cheesy guys rest for a moment, it was time to prepare the Black Garlic Burger Sauce.

A simple, creamy mix of mayonnaise and Henderson’s Relish. Emptying both sachets of Heinz Mayo into a small bowl, along with the pre portioned relish created an instant, tangy dressing.

Time to Serve:

A few tips before making it all look pretty, set to indulge. A small helping of white wine vinegar is provided in the ingredients to lash over the lettuce hearts before serving. This just adds even more depth to their toastiness, and again, sent me into a complete spin that this was even a way one could use lettuce! Amazing!

And finally, the recommended way to construct your black garlic burger is as follows:

  1. Brioche bun base.
  2. Lettuce.
  3. Tomato slice.
  4. Black Garlic Sauce.
  5. Patty.

Obviously it’s up to you how you want to stack it, but we followed the rules, as first timers.

Balsajo Black Garlic Burger


And we were done. This delicious, and very impressive meal for two was complete in around half an hour, and left us rather blooming speechless actually.

Both the original recipe and my ‘Naked Paleo’ version work beautifully, with the only differences being the lack of bun, and sweet potato as a sub for mine. 

I keep banging on about it, but the lettuce hearts for me were a huge winner. I would eat those any day as a general snack or accompaniment to any meal! They’re just so unusual (to me), but the added white wine vinegar and toasted finish was such a gorgeous taste!

Black Garlic Burger: 'Naked Paleo' Style.

Black Garlic Burger: ‘Naked Paleo’ Style.

Lloyd can confirm that the brioche bun tasted superb, was super soft, and excellent quality, and I can add that I might have ended up eating the black garlic sauce out of the mixing pot whilst washing up…

Thanks so much for feeling hungry with us.

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