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Quick, Easy, Gourmet Pastrami Sandwiches

Served two ways, featuring Roam & Relish Organic Pastrami.

Introducing this evening’s Sunday Supper, Lloyd and I decided to customize our own gourmet style pastrami sandwiches, served with sweet potato (as usual with this sort of thing), and my new favourite side, lightly ‘toasted’ lettuce.

The pastrami is brought to us today by the newly launched Roam & Relish, a blooming wonderful, organic, family farmed beef brisket, matured on the bone for a minimum of 21 days to develop the fullest flavour, marinated with spices, and cooked (I got that from the pack, but I can absolutely promise you that these guys are the lovliest. Lloyd and I were lucky enough to meet them at #bloggersball in London, and just had to include these in a recipe).

Let’s start!

Let’s start by popping sweet potato chips into the oven to cook whilst we construct our super sandwiches, shall we? These usually go in at about 180 degrees C, for around 40 minutes.

Next up, very simple, we love a good mustard mayo with pastrami. There’s nothing fancy going on here, just a quick stir of mayo and english mustard straight from the jars. Just add the quantities according to personal preference.

Lloyd was first up to prepare his base, and his bread of choice was corn! This is simply made of maize, corn, and spices. I wouldn’t have really known what to do with this, but hey, it looked really good, and fit the theme well.

Following that, comes the even more fun bit. On with the pastrami and cheese. We both chose Swiss cheese for it’s mellow, creamy flavour. Just look at that pastrami for a moment too. Beautifully rich and lean looking, with just the perfect marbling of fat throughout for moisture.

We’re both absolutely obsessed with gherkins and relish, so it’s only absolutely natural that we made the decision to add these little guys. Anyway, I don’t want to spoil this even further before the big, and final reveal, so let’s go on to my build!

So for me, I opted for Burgen bread! I LOVE this stuff! The Soya and Linseed variety is wonderfully dense and moist, despite it being quite a hearty bread. It’s extremely good for my tummy, and it a wonderful source of fiber without all of the wheat! Perfect!

My next texture of choice was some greenery! A slight tearing of spinach, layered with juicy vine tomatoes fills me with mega taste love. Tomatoes are a huge ‘yes!’ for me. They add such a ‘fruity’ feel to a sandwich, and call me crazy but i really like it when the bread gets ever so slightly soggy with the juice.

On with the cheese, yummy pastrami, pickles, and mustard mayo! Lloyd had the mayo too, of course, I just forgot to pop that down earlier.

Toasted Lettuce

And finally, it’s time to toast the baby gem lettuce! These just go in half, and flat side down into a dry frying pan until golden brown. We like to then top them with a little olive oil, salt, and vinegar to taste.

And Serve.

Such a simple, yet special feeling meal. It’s good for lunches, picnics, and evening meals alike. You can make them your own way, with your favourite accompaniments and variations.

The pastrami itself, the showstopper of the whole creation, was butter soft, and melted in the mouth. There was no reason to over chew, and there were no ‘stringy bits’ that sometimes occur with general high street supermarket brands.

You know that I have a hard time enjoying meats like this at the moment with my braces in place, but it was such a relief and a treat to be able to easily enjoy this tender beef, without having to wear myself out with my awkward chewing!

We are already thinking of new ways to enjoy Roam & Relish pastrami, but if you have any suggestions, or want to share your favourite ways to enjoy this, let me know!

You can follow the progress of this delicious new brand over on twitter, but using the #roam&relish, and following @Eversfieldmeat on twitter.


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