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Let’s Start!

First up, we need to prepare the veggies! That includes the sweet potato, peppers, half a red onion…and that’s it! DON’T BE FOOLED, there’s a rogue onion in the photo above! Rookie mistake to make, but it’s not meant to be there. I’m a silly billy.

Hmm…91g of carbs. Time to take it to “2 ways”! I like to keep my dishes low carb, and I love a good challenge at creating an alternative, but keeping as close to the original recipe as possible. Lloyd, however, is always one to stick to the plan.

Very simple. Get all three of these into 2-3cm cubes, and drop onto a baking tray for oiling and seasoning.

Little bit of salt, pepper, a glug of oil, all this into a bowl for a good shake, before throwing back onto the baking tray to go off into the oven for 20 minutes.


The aim now is to take the two chicken breasts provided, and get them flattened to around half a centimeter in thickness. This, it says, can be achieved by using a rolling pin, but Hello Fresh recommend a frying pan or cricket bat if one isn’t available.

In preparation for the bashing, your surface needs to be prepared with cling film which sandwiches over the chicken.

We tried a number of methods, but by far the best was living the decadent life, and asking for help from Prosecco…


Gotta make that chicken ‘sing’!

On with the shawarma seasoning! I had never ever heard of this before, and just in case you haven’t either, it’s a highly aromatic blend of cumin, paprika, allspice, turmeric, garlic powder, and cinnamon. This stuff is incredible. The earthy smell of the cinnamon smashing through is so intense, that my eyes had a little blub (not a bad blub…a ‘wow that smell!’ blub).

With oil, the shawarma seasoning should be hand rubbed into the chicken until completely coated.

Almost there!

Time to get these badboys heated through! Start with a hot pan and gently cook both breasts at the same time, for 4 minutes each side. I recommend good ventilation at this stage, because again, those spices!!

At around the time of taking both breasts off the heat to rest, it’s time to finish up the dish by creating a tasty bed of the BODY BOOSTING VEGGIES! KABOOMZ!

But wait…what’s that?

Time to switch lanes! Lentils are great, perfectly healthy, and a fantastic source of fiber and protein, however they’re just a little steep in carbs for me so late in the day. I’m going in with my old favourite, ‘cauli rice’ as a base alternative.

Finishing Up.

For the Body Boosters, fresh from the oven we split off two portions of the veggies, one for me, and one for Lloyd to mix the lentils into. 

No need to cook them, these guys are just tipped on to your baking tray and mixed around.

Serve onto your favourite plates how you like, along with the chicken, and top with creme fraiche. I went for this, but you can trade it in for a nice crumble of Feta cheese too, I imagine.

We’re Done!

Lovely. A VERY hearty, flavoursome meal, ready in quick time. This whole meal took around 30 minutes from prep, to finish.

My Cauli Rice worked perfectly as an additional texture to the dish, and substitute for the lentils, and brought the carb total down by about…60g (It’s just ground up cauliflower).

Lloyd reports in that the lentil mix was very filling (in a good way), and you could just tell that the protein content was good and high, from the endless satisfaction in your tummy for the rest of the evening.

Side note. That Creme Fraiche…was amazing. I HAVE to find where I can buy it on the regular. It’s so thick and creamy, with none of the tartness that comes out of some of its kind on the market.

The Chicken seasoning was spectacular, and would be another I would try again in future, with the chicken turning out soft as butter in the mouth. No effort to chew through, so perfect cooking guidelines on that one.

Excellent recipe from Hello Fresh there! Thanks for getting hungry with us!

For More info on ‘Hello Fresh’, check out my Unboxing Video here!



  1. 23 June, 2016 / 6:59 pm

    This looks gorgeous! I love anything with Sweet Potato.

    • 24 June, 2016 / 12:20 pm

      Hey Imogen!
      Thanks so much! Me too, me too, adore sweet potato! What’s your favourite way to have it prepare? xo

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