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Unboxing The Mindful Chef.

After the successful discovery of “The Meal Subscription Box”, I’ve been chatting to the wonderful team at Mindful Chef to bring you a look into what they have to offer.

As a quick insight into Mindful Chef, I was immediately curious from the moment I heard mention of them, because they strictly focus on all meals being gluten free, Organic, and with…get this…no refined carbs.

As you may or may not know, when I cook recipes that I find, I create them “Two Ways” for those out there who, like me, tend to have some dietary tweaks here and there. I don’t cut out all sugars, wheat, or dairy entirely, but I do find that my body behaves itself better when my sugar intake is low, and carbs are somewhere below 50g a day. It’s just the way it is. Less boating, less tummy ache, it’s just the way I react to some things. 

So, with Mindful Chef, they already have these things covered! I’ve never seen a meal subscription box which actually calls out that their meals have no refined carbs inside! Amazing! Puts me out of a “job” though, because there won’t really be a need to tailor them (unless perhaps Lloyd wants to be the head of “Two Ways” now, and make carbed up versions…)

Box Types

Inside this box is two meals, both catering for our meaty tastes, however you can absolutely order veggie or vegan (another excellent perk).

You can also pick to cater for 1, or 4 people as oppose to 2, and as I say, you can specify particulars, like choosing to omit beef, chicken, fish, lamb, or pork on sign up. You can even specify NO vegan.

Following that step in the sign up process, you are given the option to choose between 2 and 5 meals a week in your box from a selection of recipes in a very attractive list.

For a 2 person box with 2 meals, the cost comes in at £21 for your first box (which takes into consideration a ‘welcome’ voucher with 25% discounted), and so works out at £5.25 per portion, per meal.

Here are a few words direct from the team themselves:

Our approach is actually very simple, yet incredibly effective in helping you lead a healthier life. We believe in reducing your intake of gluten and that refined sugars and refined carbohydrates should be avoided. We’ll never include pasta, bread or white rice and all of our recipes are 100% gluten-free. We’ll always fill you up though!

After a few weeks of Mindful Chef meals, our customers report feeling great! Clearer skin, more energy and feeling more toned are just some benefits of following a more balanced Mindful diet. –

There are new menus to browse each week, and to get an idea of what they look like, you can visit the recipe page direct, here.

My Mindful Chef.

Right then! Two recipes for me!

  1. Aubergine, courgette, and beef lasagne with rocket.
  2. Coconut and paprika pork stroganoff with broccoli rice.

Really beautifully presented recipe cards, and short, simplistic steps to cooking and prep. The recipes themselves sounded actually quite “posh” on first reading the title, so I did think that maybe the difficultly level was quite high, but actually no! Not at all! Really good to feel fancy, but for less effort than expected.

The vital Macros are listed on the recipe too, stating the Protein, Carb, and Fat values of each meal. Excellent.

As with most chilled meat packaging today, Mindful Chef provide theirs in bio friendly wool insulated bags. This just simply contained the meat required for both recipes.

Food Bags.

Something I’ve not yet seen in these types of boxes is this nifty idea! Most (or all, I should say) meal boxes simply pop all of the ingredients spanning every meal recipe into one compartment of the delivery box, which is fine. No problem. However with Mindful Chef, each recipe is sectioned into it’s own paper bag! All ingredients (well, which fit comfortably anyway) are tucked into their own recipe bag which you are advised to conveniently just put wholly into the fridge as is, and pull out when you want that particular meal! So good! The only thing which didn’t fit into the bag were the two heads of brocolli for the brocolli rice recipe, but that’s totally understandable.

The only very slight issue had with one was the tomato bag. Perhaps a little roughed up on delivery, some of these guys had escaped into the main bag they were in, and became a little squashed. Most were perfect though, and I just ate the sightly ‘sorry looking one’. It does say on the box that Mindful Chef are advcates of “ugly veg”, which is adorable. Basically the more raw and organically grown and harvested the veg are, the more a farmer will encounter knobbly and bobbley ones. Now sometimes these get thrown away, despite them being as delicious and nutricious as the “perfect” looking ones, which is so very, very wrong! Mindful Chef understand this though, and let them take part in your meal planning anyway, regardless of their potentially unconventional aesthetics.

Here’s an exciting bit. Well, for me anyway. I am a huge fan of the work that the team at Eversfield Organic do to provide grassfed, organic meat for consumers all around the UK, and have been for 12 years or more. Lots of love and care given to their animals, and every attention devoted to farming from them the best produce. I first encountered them at their launch appearance at #BloggersBall, and have since created a really tasty pastrami sandwich from their goods, if you’re interested. Anyway, so Eversfield are in the selection of meats used in Mindful Chef recipes! So good!! So here we have Eversfield Beef Steak Mince for the lasagne. Can’t wait…


Mindful Chef are currently running a crowdfunding campaign where you can be a part of making it bigger and greater than ever (which is difficult, let’s be honest, how much tastier can one company get? But seriously…).

If you choose to become a part of making Mindful Chef great, then you can expect the following attractive rewards:


£200 – 25% discount for your first month (worth up to £120)

£500 – 25% discount for your first month (worth up to £120)
+ A blue Mindful Chef team jacket

£1000 – 25% discount for your first two months (worth up to £240)
+ A blue Mindful Chef team jacket

£5000 – 25% discount for your first three months (worth up to £360)
+ A blue Mindful Chef team jacket
+ An invite to our investment closing party giving you a chance to meet the team!

They’re doing amazingly, and with you on board too, imagine the deliciousness!!!! Just follow this link for more info: Mindful Chef Crowdfunding Campaign

Great! Thanks for taking a look into my Mindful Chef box with me, and stay tuned as I take on each recipe this week!

First up: Coconut and paprika pork stroganoff with broccoli rice.


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