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Enjoy Biltong Jam.

Recently I wrote a recipe of my own, inspired by Bacon Jam which appeared on a variety of shelves over the last few years. Biltong Jam. You can find the recipe here. I’ve been asked by a few people how they ought to use it!

Personally I think it makes an excellent gift (it’s so simple to make too!) for any time of year, and should be advised to be used as a chutney would. It’s not a jam like the starwberry variety where you can expect to spread it on buttered soft bread, but more like a side for cheese and crackers! A bit like how a pickle would! Sure, it’s still sweet, but still works so well as a contrast to savory biscuits and stilton, perhaps.

Speaking of stilton, here’s my absolute favourite way to enjoy my Biltong Jam.

Biltong Jam and Burgers.

Taking your favourite fresh, packaged burger (or of course, make your own from scratch!), melt some blue cheese over the top as a last step to cooking. The best way to do this, I’ve found, is to pop a wedge of cheese onto the top of the burger patty once it’s cooked, and then sit it on tin foil under the grill for about 5 minutes.

You can use any cheese of course, however the twang of the stilton really dances with the sweetness of the jam, which is then good to perch on top of it once melted.

Dress further with pickled cucumber (or gherkin) if you like, and a favourite sauce.

Add some sides too, like sweet potato, and serve in a brioche bun.

If you’re watching your carbs, you’ll of course be already mindful of the sugar content in the Biltong Jam, however if you’re enjoying it as part of a treat day, why not just omit the bun and enjoy on a bed of mixed salad with tomato?

How would you enjoy your Biltong Jam best?


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