Lavender Truffles

What You Will Need:

  1. Approx 200g of regular Dark Chocolate, and one 80g bar of Lavender Seed and Bean (As long as the chocolate adds up to the same numbers as the cream you’re putting in, you’re good).
  2. Approx 300ml of Double Cream.
  3. A tablespoon of butter.
  4. Dark, plain, cocoa powder, grated coconut, finely diced almonds (Or any other kinds of ‘coatings’ to roll your truffles in. Nothing too overpowering for the Lavender though.
  5. Around 2-4 hours spare (Or prep one day, make the next)


  1. Really easy! Grab a pan and sit on a low-medium heat (around 3 on your hob setting) and allow to warm up before pouring in the cream. This will be read by the time you’ve done step 2.
  2. Grab your bars of chocolate and break into small chunks. These all want to go into the same bowl.

Tip: The reason I didn’t just go for 3 bars of Lavender Chocolate is because S&B are so luxuriously potent in flavour, that the end result would be ultimately overkill. You want a ‘hint’ of Lavender to enjoy.

3. Once the cream is bubbling around the pan (not too much, it doesn’t want to be going crazy, else it’ll burn), add the butter and mix in until completely melted in.

4 Remove the cream and butter mix from the hob, and pour over your broken chocolate. This is where it get’s all kinds of gorgeous.

5. Grab a wooden spoon and fold the chocolate chunk and hot cream together until you get a divine mix of velvet melted chocolate, with a shine.

Tip: Now DON’T PANIC! As the chocolate begins to cool (and it does quite quickly actually), it’ll begin to look a little “lumpy” in texture (or grainy), like it’s curdled a little perhaps. THIS IS FINE. I thought I had ruined my mix at first, but decided to roll with it anyway. Turned out fluffy and delicious, so like I say, fear not a texture like the photograph above.

6. Once the chocolate mix is completely cooled, sit it in the fridge to solidify. Do NOT put the hot bowl directly into your fridge, unless you want to buy yourself a new one sooner than later.

2-4 Hours later

I left my chocolate mix overnight to set, it didn’t hurt, but you can  get cracking on the “balling” stage after around 2-4 hours (depending on your fridge).

7. Take your bowl of chocolate, and pay no mind to the surface which might look a little like the moon with where the cream and butter set. Leave to sit for about 20mins.

8. Grab a tea spoon, or a melon baller, and drag across the chocolate to create rough little truffle balls for shaping.

9.. Get messy. Take the truffle in your hand and shape for smoothness.

The ingredients list I’ve mapped out above seems to be the most popular choice with truffle makers out there (including Tanya Burr, actually. Fun fact), and make around 30 truffles at the size in my photographs. I do feel that you can absolutely half or quarter the recipe quantities, as this seriously is pretty darn foolproof.

The beauty of these too is they keep really very well. They store happily in the fridge to keep their shape, but be warned, they don’t last very long at room temperature, so not good for just leaving on the side, unless you want chocolate puddles instead.

Tip: It’s much better to decorate your truffles after refrigerating.

10. Time for more fun! Take your preferred coatings, and roll each little truffle around in them to give them a nice little textured jacket. 


Once thoroughly cooled, and then allowed to “uncool” for a little while, notice now you’ll have a cute little selection of truffles which are just the right texture (a little soft, but not melted) to get rolling!

Separate off your favourite coating choices into their own little plates or bowls, and generously roll the truffles around to see them gather the goodness. Once done, refridgerate until serving.

Tip: Be mindful of how strong the flavour of your coatings are. For my lavender truffles, I wanted more texture based coatings, as I want people to really taste the lavender flavour.

And don’t forget! You can most definitely use any variety of flavoured chocolate thrown into your truffles for sure! I opt always for Seed and Bean, simply because of the intensity of the flavours, and also the natural ingredients. The flavours are full on natural, so you get the best result. You could also add your own flavour essences of course, but I’m all for ease and convenience.

You can get Seed and Bean chocolate from good health shops and online at and plain, dark chocolate from all good supermarkets.

Which flavours might you try?


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