The Indoor Picnic

Indoor Picnic.

The ‘Indoor Picnic’. No, it’s not just a whimsical name for a buffet, it’s a picnic indoors!

The idea behind this comes from years of having two really precious friends who introduced me to a “Window Picnic”, sometimes as often as twice a week. We would have a blanket on the floor infront of the huge bay windows of their flat, with kneeling cushions, and all the delicious picnic pickings laid out nicely for us to enjoy.

One of the best bits was running around Tesco first to see who could find the most “picnic-iest” things to contribute. So much fun.

So the idea of the “Window Picnic” hasn’t ever left me since I moved away, except I just had to label it “Indoor” due to having much smaller windows to sit around these days…It’d be more of a “Radiator Under the Bay Window Picnic”, you see.

I thought I would share a little inspiration for your own “Indoor/Window Picnic” with a few easy recipe ideas, and sandwich ensembles.

Picnic Favourites.

For me, I cant beat a really good ham sandwich with super fresh tomatoes, mustard (but mustard mayo!), and gherkins.

For Lloyd, he loves either salt beef or pastrami with either mustard or piccalili, on really chunky “doorstop bread”. He’s also really partial to any kind of onion…


Home Made Tuna and Caper Butter (Jamie Oliver).


  • 2 x Standard tins of Tuna (roughly 185g in size).
  • 2 x Single Anchovies.
  • 1 tsp of Capers.
  • 210g of Butter.


Basically throw everything in a blender and whiz it all up until a smooth buttery consistency occurs! 

Simple Sidekicks.

My favourite “picky bits” to build up a perfect snack spread with.

  • Cheese! You can’t go wrong with cheese (unless you you have an intolerance of course). My favourites are stilton, and any wensleydale with fruit bits in. Also, white stilton and apricot is yummy too. Great to just pick at or sit on a cracker.
  • Super seed salads are great sprinkled on your tuna butter you know, for an extra bite and texture.
  • Antipasti bits are really good too for variety. I like mozzarella with pesto, stuffed olives, and cold meats on their own.
  • Crisps! Not many people turn their nose up at crisps..Your favourite flavour will do!

Simple mustard mayo! There’s no fancy thing to this…you do just mix regular English mustard with a good mayo! It just gives you a creamy “twang” to your sandwich if you want all of the condiment but without the overwhelm.

Sandwich Favourites.



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