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You Totally Inspire me!

Starting this month, I’m inviting you to get in touch with your awesome blogging super powers and feature in your very own Guest Spot, right here, on my Say Sallymay website of all things Bloggervlog. It’s completely free, with shares and squeeing from me for everyone who joins in, however there are a couple of limitations. Here’s some boring (but very important!) T&Cs!

Guest Spot Submission Guidelines.

  1. Each month there will be a limit of 2 featured Bloggers (this may increase as we get in the swing of things!). One entry every fortnight, on a Friday (Just in time for #FF!).
  2. Each Guest Blogger’s typed content will need to be submitted to me, via Dropbox, in a Word Document format, with all accompanying, high resolution pictures within the same Dropbox folder (You can just plonk everything in there and then share the folder location with me <3).
  3. Each Guest Blogger’s post will need to be submitted to me, via email, before midnight on the Thursday before the Friday post launch, in order to be posted and boasted about on the Friday itself.
  4. You must at least be following me on Twitter so I can follow back! We’re friends now :D!

Guest Spot Content Guidelines.

  1. To enable a smooth collaboration with the message that ‘saysallymay’ already brings, I’d love to hear from bloggers who have a huge, primary passion for the following:
    • Healthy snacks and recipes! Can you create the most moreish and tasty treats which can my enjoyed by a huge variety of people, including those with specific dietry requirements, like Gluten Free Lifestyles, No Processed Sugars, Dairy Free/Lactose sensitives, Vegans, and Veggies? Paleo and Primal too! 
    • Natural and Organic alternatives to skincare. Are you a mineral makeup fan?! Which are the best brands you’ve found for people with sensitive or troublesome skin? I’d love to know are share your reviews with everyone.
    • Subscription Box Junkie, like me? I really want to know. I LOVE monthly or quarterly boxes of goodies on my doorstep, and I want to hear about all of the choices out there! 
    • Fashion. You.Look.Awesome. Why not share it with me? Anything goes here with the fashionistas, so show me and everyone I brag about you to, your best twirly-twirl.
    • Accessories and Bespoke Homeware. I love decorations. Show me the latest pretty things that make your room/dorm/home feel the best place to be when you’re being you!
  2. We all love something pretty to look at when enjoying a wonderful blog, so all posts must come with high resolution imagery of relevance to the post. I’m getting so excited just thinking about it!!! 

Guest Spot Perks.

  1. For joining in and posting with me, you’ll get a full, personalised #FF (follow Friday) tag on Twitter from myself, with a link to your post and your twitter account, twice in that same day, shared across my favourite blogging sharers and networks.
  2. You’ll also get a personalised post on my Instagram, with your own instagram profile linked, plus of course direction to your post on
  3. You post within will link back to your own blog, and also clearly link all of your social media accounts with a personal thanks and incentive from me to others, to follow you and check out how great you are.
  4. It’s totally free. I just want to get involved with you amazing people!!


And that’s it! How to Apply?

To apply for your featured Blogger spot, click the button below to fill out my contact form.

Please make sure that you include the following:

  1. Your name as you wish to be referred to on all typings from me across the site and social media.
  2. Your Website/Blog URL, and all of your Social Media links too.
  3. MOST IMPORTANTLY: What post can you bring with you into the Guest Spot Limelight? What can you tell me and my readers about the topics outlined in the content guidelines? So excited!!



This section is open to absolutely anyone within the desired content guideline rules!

Men, Women, Young, Mature, Anyone! 

I am so sorry, but I will not be able to accept any posts from topics outside of the content guidelines.

Looking very, very much forward to meeting you and reading your wonderful content!!



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