Blogging Roundup | Friday 13th May

What a great week! It’s been so fun that I thought I might start a new ‘Friday Feature’ whereby I reflect on my blogging events for the days passed since the week before!

I’m meeting so many ‘new to me’ bloggers now that my confidence on social media has grown considerably, and they’ve all been so utterly wonderful and supportive!  

Highlights of the week:

  1. I’ve managed to upload a blog post EVERY day! That’s a new record! I’ve been full of ideas and inspiration, and so therefore my productivity has finally peaked!
  2. I’ve flopped over the 200 followers mark on Twitter! How lovely! I wasn’t even counting, and the only reason I found out was from a lovely lady who congratulated me on it randomly during a Blogosphere Magazine Chat Session!
  3. I posted a picture of myself for #barefacefriday, in support of Anna’s campaign (Anna from @skinporium) to rally as many followers as possible to do it today! That’s a huge thing for me, haha, but it was fun! I don’t seem to care anymore about the potential judgmental types, which is fab. If you’d like to see it…I’ve sneakily popped it on to the bottom of this post. Teehee…
  4. I launched my first ‘Guest Spot Feature’ on my site here, and welcomed my first addition to it! See below for my latest posts for more on that.

Blog favourites of the week:

  1. Anna (@skinporium), at The Skinporium. Check out her wonderful blog and very generous Twitter account where she truly supports everyone. Not only that, but her blog and whole, fabulous niche is very complimentary of my own, with her journey to discover genuinely helpful products which tackle genuine intolerances and problems with the skin! So valuable for us sensitive types.
  2. Georgina MinterBrown (@georgie_mb) at her Blogspot of the same lovely name. Georgie is one of those lovely bloggers who follows you, and then gets involved from the off! So kind! Take a look at her gorgeous site for some amazing brand launch coverage, fashion, and beauty!
  3. Corinne (@skinnedcartree). Founder of the #socialbloggers chat, and full of supportive posts for developing bloggers on her site, she provides really insightful overviews of all the fancy stuff, like analytics and stats, but she is also proving to be a super inspiring fitness figure too!

My new posts of the week:

  1. Primal Snack Box reveal for May 2016! – My peep into one of my favourite, monthly, snack boxes.
  2. The Zara ‘Playsuit Dress’ – Never worn one before! Here was my chance!
  3. The #bbTAG! – I was tagged for the very first time on Twitter! Lots of fun answering some awesome questions.
  4. The Zoeva ‘Rose Golden’ review! – My first look at the Zoeva Rose Golden palette.
  5. Male Grooming Goodies – My first entry in the ‘Be my Guest’ 

So, I’ve also been using my ‘Analytiks’ app to track how “on course” I am with my site progress.

The app kicks out an infographic like the one below, which is pretty cute. I’ve grabbed my data as follows:

Stats for the week

May 9th – May 13th 2016

Thanks ever so much for your continued support, everyone!

Have a great weekend!

My first EVER #barefacedfriday contribution! @saysallymay

My first EVER #barefacedfriday contribution! @saysallymay


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