#Bloggersball 2016 | Scarlett London & DSTRKT

Welcome to DSTRKT and #Bloggersball

As you may know, my first blogger event a few months back was the Blogosphere Tea Party. This event gained me a whole tonne of confidence and inspiration in my blogger brain, and after a few months following it of much hard work refining my content and getting myself more “out there”, the opportunity arose to crank it all up a notch and grab an invite to Scarlett London’s long awaited #bloggersball.

Scarlett is huge. I mean like…top level lovely, and awesome at what she does. Her blogging presence is right up there with the best, and her ability to throw some awesome blogger events over the years has been incredible.

#Bloggersball itself was advertised as a glam, daytime occasion at the glitzy DSTRKT in London, whereby a whole lot of very talented bloggers got together to meet each other, and mingle with some new, and existing brands.

DSTRKT itself has been known to house some of the biggest names, from Kim and Kanye, and even Justin Bieber! This time though, here we all were, gowns at the ready, and set to have a super fancy time as like minded socialites, fashion fans, and foodies.

If you’re not familiar with me just yet, you’ll probably not realise how much of a food fanatic I am, so I was hoping so very much to bump into some new, tasty brands for me to swoon over at the event, and I was not even remotely disappointed.

My top brand pics from #bloggersball:


Roam & Relish:

New brand launch alert! Oh how I adored these guys. Two lovely, smiley people with a passion for organic, tasty meats. Right up my street, that’s for sure!

“Organic, family farmed beef brisket, matured on the bone for a minimum of 21 days to develop the fullest flavour, marinated with spices, and cooked.”

I LOVE “homegrown” skills and talent, so locally sourced, organic food is top of my list of interests, expecially with my “bottomless belly” when it comes to deliciousness.  The samples that the guys were handing out were enough for me to fall in love straight away, and I couldn’t wait to get stuck in with a homemade creation using this stuff.

You can find it here, anyway! My Personalised Pastrami Sandwich, served two ways, featuring Roam & Relish. I can’t wait to try more ideas!!

You can follow the progress of this delicious new brand over on twitter, but using the #roam&relish, and following @Eversfieldmeat on twitter.

Luscombe Drinks:

What a lovely lady. Once again, another all natural and deliciously crafted treat, but in luxurious “grown up soft drink” form.

Luscome Drinks are hand-made in small batches, and have subtle variations in taste or colour depending on the conditions their growers encountered during the season. The drinks often have sediment, which is evidence of their authenticity and proof that Luscome uses as few juicing processes as possible.

I adored over the Raspberry Crush, and Apple Juice the most, with a desperation to explore the rest of the flavours in the range, which are above and beyond exciting, for example Passionate Ginger Beer, Madagascan Vanilla Soda, Blueberry Crush, and Lime Crush. There are seriously over 10 flavours out there, and I just want to swim in them all.

Luscome use fruit to get their flavours – there are no additives, synthetics, or concentrates in any of the drinks in the range.

Again, EXACTLY what I look for as a taste tracker, and the fact that these drinks taste as beautiful as they do, without any hidden nasties, is so perfect.

You can find out more about more about Luscome Drinks at www.luscombe.co.uk and on twitter @luscombedrinks

Seed and Bean:

And finally…you just know I’m going to love this…

“100% Organic and Ethical”

Yep! ‘No added nasties’ chocolate!! The chocolate fiend that I am saw these guys on the event map and just could not stop myself fast enough from crashing into the stand.

“Seed and Bean is all about nature and creativity; contemporary, natural flavours bended with pure coca beans into kaleidoscopic moments of pleasure. We are 100% organic and ethical and all of our chocolates are homemade in England.”

Sold! I’ll take them ALL please!! I tried Fennel, Salted, and Lavender chocolate flavours, from 30% cocoa, to 70% (my favourite. I do love it dark!!). My ultimate flavour of the moment was by far the Lavender, but literally all of them that made it into my tummy were divine, and I’d happily absorb the remainder…but that would have been super greedy.

I even have a bar taken away with me to enjoy at my leisure, which I’ll be sure to report back on fully soon. Flavour? Caffe Mocha. Mmmmmhmm!!

You can read more about Seed and Bean here at www.seedandbean.co.uk and on twitter @seedandbean

So yeah! Very, very hyped and impressed that Scarlett managed to get coverage from brands to support such a wide span of niches, and not just the super popular make up and skincare brands which seem to saturate the blogger scene these days (but let’s face it, we all want lovely skin right? I know I do. I’m glad of them!!). Being exposed to potential content for us foodies and tasty treat seekers in the mix too is the BEST, and what excellent an excellent selection. I’m still flapping my hands over it all.

I mean not only that (it’s flooding back to me even more now!!), there were even techie groups there for external hard drives!! Oh! And designer handbag restorers!

The Handbag Spa:

Just check out there gorgeous cake here!

I honestly walked over to it like “Wowww…They really do do an amazing job of restoring handbags. It’s true. That one there looks absolutely pristine!”

“We care about handbags at The Handbag Spa. We endeavor to keep each individual piece as close to the original as possible.
All our techniques and processes have been carefully developed using the lastest products specifically designed for high quality leathers and fabrics. With every item we consider the look, feel and finish so that the results we achieve are second to none.” –
The Handbag Spa

Actually, lately I’ve been scouring the internet for guidance on tips for investing in my first designer handbag. There are some issues though:

  • There are so many designer brands trying to grab our attention out there.
  • All of which obviously come with an “investment style” price tag.

After meeting The Handbag Spa, I’ve now had a whole new idea opened up to me as I sit here now, of revisiting my old haunt at Vestiaire Collective, grab myself a preloved, vintage number, and get it beautifully restored by these ladies! I’ll have to let you know how that goes. It makes me so utterly excited that I could pick up a VERY classic YSL, Coach, or Loewe second hand, and swing around with it all ‘new home’ stylie, and all fancy. Watch this space.

So what else was going on? Tonnes. There were free drinks, canapes, really fun competitions, a huge selfie mirror that you could stand infront of and it took your picture like some kind of film star, and even fashion houses like Tessuti (can’t wait to hear more from those guys!).

My gorgeous favourites from Blogosphere Magazine were also there, strutting their stuff with their latest installment of Issue 9, and so many, many more.

My only regret is that I perhaps didn’t have enough height to allow me to see through the crowds to meet some of my favourite blogging buddies, but the atmosphere itself was utterly incredible.

I even got a moment to spend chatting to Scarlett herself, who so kindly came over to me whilst I was gorging on the bar snacks to chat about how things were going, and for me to then gush over what a great job she had done with the whole thing. Loved it.

Scarlett’s next Blogger event is up later in the year, entitled #BloggersFestival.

“The annual event is back for another year! Expect lots of the usual cupcakes, cocktails and canapés (oh and goody bags) – as well as a few surprises! We’ll have a bloggers lounge for catching up and uploading those Instagram’s, as well as a main exhibitor space where you can network with showcasing brands.”

Again, if you’re not familiar with the amazing work that Scarlett does, hop across to www.scarlettlondon.com, to find out more!

Thanks Scarlett, if you’re reading this! Everyone had the best time.



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