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Dimpsey is about relaxing, recharging and rediscovering. Take time out to drop out and reconnect - be lazy, have a lie in and leave the worries of the world outside. Wake up, venture out and immerse yourself in the experiences, tastes, sights and sounds that the Southwest has to offer. Dimpsey has been curated to spoil and inspire you... it's an experience in itself. It combines the best of Southwest artisan designers and yesteryear vintage pieces in a bespoke built luxury shepherd's hut. Based on a small farm in the Blackdown Hills, the location is idyllic and the views are amazing, with the night skies adding that something extra special to your evening. -


It's been a funny old year, right? For me, it's been a case of the old "none stop" business, where in only 12 months, Lloyd and I have changed company with our jobs, moved 100 odd miles north, and had our feet well and truly off ground with general business. It's been exciting, but by goodness, it can get tiring.

I use Instagram as a "comfort scroll", and one account I have always followed for a long time, is the Dimpsey Hut feedI love seeing pretty pictures of the countryside, twee bits and bobs, typical English tea shots, and so on - then one day, Dimpsey followed me back! The more I found out that actually, Dimpsey was a place I could actually visit and actually stay at, as oppose to simply a pretty face to gawp at, I was straight away in touch with Emma, the fantastical owner. Within an hour or so of chatting back and forth on emails, I was so very kindly invited over to experience what any social media "wallow-er" could ever hope to achieve - a rural retreat which promised a full relaxation reset, with as much "unplugging" as my camera might allow me.

Video Edit:


Alright, I didn't completely put down the technology, because as you can see, I simply could not leave Dimpsey without recording an absolute tonne of memories. This kind of capturing was no hardship, and needed no force; the place is just so darn photogenic and hard to explain without actually bumping it into your face, you can't leave it to go unwritten!

Cooking at the hut can be done outside on the fire pit or in the Outdoor Garden Oven (just ask if you would like a lesson in lighting it) or the gas hob inside, should the weather not be too barbecue friendly. A starter pack of oils, vinegars, sauces and basic spices will be left in the hut for you along with tea, coffee and hot chocolate. The hut also has a small fridge to keep things chilled. There is a rubbish bin and recycling in the little compound outside the hut. We can also provide meat and recipe packs if you require.

On arrival we were told to simply pull up alongside the Shepherd's Hut (That's what Dimpsey is, you know! Except this gorgeous thing is converted for your living pleasure! Traditional Shepherd's Huts were usually used by - well - Shepherd's for lambing and general Shepherding shenanigans), and get ourselves familiar with the place before Emma popped over to say Hi.

Full of smiles and sure enough, after we had tucked our bags away and put the kettle on to boil, Emma arrived to introduce herself and gave us some helpful pointers in order to get the most out of our stay.

Inside, the Hut itself is probably no more than 24 feet in length (may even be less), but everything is so perfectly proportioned and adapted for capsule living, not to mention turned out beautifully for the season with the prettiest fairy lights, a nod to our incoming Christmas time with the cutest little tree on the refrigerator cabinet.

To the immediate right of the entrance to Dimpsey, there's a really roomy seating area with two bench seats and a large table for eating at, playing games at (you've even got your own provided!! Dominos. scrabble, even colouring pencils and sketch pads!!), eating cake off - that kind of thing. This table then turns into your bed for the night when you wish to snuggle up, by really neatly folding in on itself so you cal pull an overhead mattress down from the wall.

I should also add that Lloyd and I were also welcomed with a platter of home baking and supplies for making our evening meal - courtesy of Emma and Andrew.

Andrew is the star baker, and crafted up the most incredible mini Victoria Sponges you could imagine.

Food provided is optional, and available in a simple mail to Emma before you arrive. Not only can they provide cupboard essentials like pasta and salad combos, you can also enjoy local farm sourced sausages, bacon, and one of my favourites - the milk and butter. Everything about what's on offer at Dimpsey come from a strong ethic of locally sourced goodness, all in a very tight radius of the Dimpsey plot. 

Luxury Pamper

So of  course there's the setting, the food, the feet up, but the other blessing you'll find is the inclusion of luxury branded, natural skincare on offer for you to make use of at Dimpsey.

I was so, so thrilled to find natural goodies by  MOA and Balance Me, as well as a true treat of Emma and Andrew's own handmade Dimpsey soap, made from all natural oils, lavendar, and mint, to mimic the herbs of the hut.

So to take the whole relaxation thing a step further, there's something else you might want to consider surely...

Dimpsey comes with the snug-a-bug elements of a wood fired stove outside for "campfire cooking", a cosy wood burner inside the hut itself to toast your feet (And actually, your toast!) on, and as if that wasn't enough already, they have this little beauty out back!

Yep yep! That is a wood fired hot tub right there! In just around 2 hours of firepower, you can be soaking yourself in this tub under the stars, surrounded by your own in the form of more fairy lights strung along the dividing fence. No luxury spared, seriously.

Local Area.

If you find relaxation in exploration, or just fancy stretching your legs outside of Dimpsey surroundings, you can take a short drive to the coast of Lyme Regis - a fishing coastline with colourful boats, fish and chips (of course), and the wonders of the "Jurassic Coastline". They call is this due to this particular stretch of coast being the richest in Jurassic age fossils, you know.

I honestly cannot rate a stay at Dimpsey any higher than I already shout from the rooftops. The hospitality and attention to detail for anyone wishing to stay is all at the astounding doing of Emma and Andrew. You can easily tell just how much love they've both put into everything, and no ask is ever too much.

Oh and, meet Kitty.

How could I forget? if you're a fan of fluffy little sassy cats, you'll adore Kitty. Kitty welcomes herself into the hut if you're partial to a cuddle, and is the much loved family pet on site. She'll talk to you for hours, take over all of your space as she sprawls herself around to get comfy with you, and sits waiting for your return if you ever pop out and leave her.

Just be warned- it's heartbreaking when you eventually have to put her outside so she can get back to being a cat again...


£125-£145 per night for two adults including breakfast for the first night, all logs for the wood-fired hot-tub and ovens and lots of little extras!  

For guidance –

The £145 price is for peak times June/July/August 2017,  £135 tends to be weekends and £125 is weekday non-peak months.

Please note that the minimum stay is usually 2 nights.  - For more information, head over to Booking your Stay.



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