February 2017 Update | Surgery, Buying a House, and Blogging


Ok so, first up I can only say a huge “Sorry” to any followers who have been wondering why my social interactivity on Twitter has dropped drastically lately. You are the ABSOLUTE BEST for still being so entertaining and fun and downright wonderful to me regardless of how often I post and such, but I won’t lie, my post count here on my blog has been at it’s lowest in 12 months in terms of “posts per week” from the start of this year, and I feel that I owe a little update. 

 – I’m still here, tapping away, but there are some huge updates to share with you which might paint you a better picture of why I’m a little less “noisy”.


If you’re new to me you might not know that for the last 12 months I have been having orthodontic work done in preparation for a very complex type of double jaw surgery and extensive genioplasty. During the 12 months wait for my teeth to align up correctly I had nothing to really do or worry  about! Time ticked along happily, HOWEVER NOW I’m at the stage where there is literally nothing more to do on my teeth, and it is over to the surgeon visits. You can see my “pre-op journey so far” in the jaw surgery section of my blog. Just head up to the nav bar to find that one (for some reason I can’t insert direct links at the moment. Good start!).

The surgery chats and consultations are much more intense and thought provoking than the general brace ‘tweakage’, so I have had a lot to think about, consider, prepare myself physically for, and it seems to have preoccupied me more than I thought it would. I have one more visit to my surgeon before my operation (scheduled May 2017) in a few weeks, and then that’s it! Let’s fix this thing!! I’ll be documenting my experience post op on a daily/couple of times a week (depending how I feel) basis to keep me focused on healing.

Buying a House.

I kept this one pretty quiet because these things fall through ALL THE TIME. You can never feel like the decision is finally done until the contracts are all in place, and everyone is legally nodding. Thankfully I’m now in a position to say that contracts have indeed exchanged, and a new home is on the horizon! Hooray! Completion of the purchase is scheduled for February 2017, and I cannot wait to take you through the whole journey with me thereafter. Basically the property is very old. It used to be a 2 bedroom corner shop in the 70s, until it was soon after converted into a 4 bedroom house. The interior needs an entire overhaul, with every functional and regular room needing a degree of renovation. I’ll be documenting my entire experience with this as I go, from kitchen design and refurbishment, to bathrooms and general decor.

Planned Blog Partnerships.

As well as my own personal journeys go in blog land, I have been in talks with a small yet mighty group of wonderful brands close to my heart who I will be working closely with throughout the year to bring you more commercial content which isn’t simply all about “me me me”. The wonderful thing is too that these guys are all fully aware of my jaw situation and still want to work around it with me! I’m very, very, very lucky. The surgery will definitely have an impact on the amount of blogger activity I will be able to manage in terms of parties and such, however knowing that I can still be involved in making brand content means such a lot to me.

As I say, these brands are personally inspiring to me, and I am so thrilled to be able to support them along the way, and I’ll hope you’ll enjoy the fun we bring to you too!

Oh Yeah! How do you like my new hair?

Another huge update, but a pretty old one now. If you didn’t catch it though – back at Christmas time 2016 I had my huge hair chopped into a funky, heavy headed crop. I FLIPPING LOVE IT, and I won’t go back. What do you think? 

Speak soon!


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