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Ok so let's turn up the "Cute Factor" in here shall we?

After falling apart with squee over Jordan's (of Hello Miss Jordan) post recently on the "Pet Angel", I decided to share an almighty issue I was having with my own beloved fluff - Pellinore.

Pellinore, or 'Pelly' for short, is a silly little guy (one of three) in my life with uncontrollable hair.

He's a Ragdoll  breed of cat whom I love unconditionally, but my goodness he can look like a toilet brush at the best of times, and I really don't know why!

His hair is just so hard to manage, and although his other brother has a very similar hair length, Pelly's locks just go all up in his face, and everyone elses.

The Pet Angel comes in 3 sizes: Pet Angel, Pet Angel Mini, and Pet Angel Baby.

After posting a rather sorry looking picture of Pelly on Twitter, I took the advice of Jordan, as I say, and thought I would further investigate Pet Angel; a branch of brushes born from the Tangle Angel brand of hair brushes for humans, but now for pets!

"Pet Angel incorporates the same tried and tested technology developed for the incredible Tangle Angel hairbrush, as tested on humans!

Special antibacterial additives – 99.9% effective at reducing the growth of unwanted bacteria

Anti static properties leaves your pets coat smooth and silky.

The kind and gentle way to leave your pets’ coat not only tangle-free, but also beautifully shiny." - Pet Angel

Important Bits.

Out of all of the listed benefits, the attention to gentleness is something really, really important to Pelly.

He's (forgive me) quite the "runt" of the Ragdoll litter, and although he tips the scale at 4kg, that is REALLY tiny for a Ragdoll (His brother is close to 6kg). This means he can be really intimidated by the larger and more "industrial" pet brushes his brothers need, and is prone to running away all grumpy over any grooming situation.

When first shown the Pet Angel however, he saw the shiny design as more of a toy, and got pretty excited to have a pad and a sniff at it, as oppose to darting away all grumped out.

Sure enough too, he found it fun enough to to then let me run merrily through his fluff! The best size for him, we found, was the 'Pet Angel Mini' , the middle size of the three  above. The larger one definitely suited his larger brothers more, so they were very excited to get a look in with the pamper session too.

Ready for a before and after?


Look at that smooth guy right there!! Honestly, we really did try our best with him before, but it just felt a bit wrong to keep chasing him around with something which clearly upsets him, so you can imagine how exciting this moment is, right? The little stunner.

Another good thing to mention is that it's been around 24 hours since Pelly had a new style, and the smoothness has stayed!

I'm pretty sure the reason for the ease of styling and it staying styled is due to the length of the brush "teeth" or "bristles" if you like. They get right down deep into the undercoat, whilst at the same time covering a larger surface area than most, getting the job done quicker, and way more comfier too.

The "Pet Angel Baby" is also really, really cute for cats like my guys too. It might be dinky in size, but cats LOVE head scratches. The "Pet Angel Baby" is just big enough to sit neatly onto all three of my guy's heads and they rub against it and have a kitty massage! They can even rub the sides of their faces (as they do) against it without poking their little eyes out in the process too! It's so cute! So it just sits on the sofa for any time they fancy a bit of attention.


So there we have it! A hair care post of the cutest kind! Thanks to Jordan of "Hello Miss Jordan" for bringing my attention to the brand, and thank you so much to "Tangle Angel" for making Pelly even MORE handsome than he started out!

You can pick a"Tangle Angel" for your own styling needs if you struggle with unruly locks yourself at or also treat your fluffy beloved to his or her own in the pet section!


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