Home Renovation: Painting And Progress


If you’d have perhaps asked me how long I would have thought it would be before we started buying cushions and stuff for the new house this time two months ago, I would have probably said something like, “Probably never. It’s just bricks on the floor. How can you ever buy cushions that go with bricks on the floor?”

Somehow though, in the last 2-3 weeks, there’s been some kind of miracle happening in “Creaky House”. As the plaster began to dry, and the light began to fill the newly face lifted rooms, there was a home emerging. A proper “homely” kind of home.

As you may have noticed from my last update, the floors went down, and although there was a delay on the carpets and dining room, they came eventually, and now EVERYWHERE is cosy underfoot.


What would the post be without a little before and after collage going on at this point! Excuse the fluff on the new carpet of course, that had to be hoovered up when everything was finally finished and the flooring men had left.

The off white, squidgy luxe base of the living room and snug was even further transformed with the new flooring, with an additional sweep of faux wood laminate whoosing through the middle hallway, dining room, and onward to the foot of the stairs where the carpet picks up the baton again and continues up to the landing. It is perfection.

Inspired then by the long weekend of bank holiday, and the fresh floors making everything look amazing, Lloyd and I cracked on with mist coating the plaster walls with that special mix of water and white emulsion again (never suffocate freshly dried plaster walls with regular paint for at least 6-8 months. It needs to breathe until it’s properly dry through and through).

What I COULD paint properly, however, was the skirting boards, which we decided would make good with a nice pale grey to contrast with a planned paler grey on the walls of the living area and snug in future, to contrast with a funky 70s inspired feature wall.

The dining room we decided would be a little less “funky” and more “industrially rustic” with earthy tones, exposed wood, and metallic accents. More on how that fancy space is doing later in the post.

Of course, once the graft of finishing up the paint work (for now) was done, we could really start having some fun!



Things like curtains rails could go up, fresh curtains along with them, the TV could be mounted, and things like games consoles could start being put in place to enjoy again. The sofa could be positioned, and I could start shopping for blinds! New colour themes for accessories could start being thought about, and best of all, I could start dreaming of having a dining table again!!

The last time I had a dining table was around a year and a bit ago. It was a lovely ‘Annie Sloan’ painted farmhouse table with an exposed wood top, and 6 lovely scrolling chairs. It hardly ever got used, mind you, but it looked utterly gorgeous, and my father in law used to love to have his tea at it whenever he visited. Moving from the house it used to live in though, we ended up in a much smaller property, so my lovely table had to take the hit and be sold on.

As If by some kind of magic though, a lady within a mile of the new house paints up tables and other furniture like my old table as a hobby, and sells them on for a very lovely price on facebook. Naturally I jumped at the chance, and I’ve once again been graced with a beautiful farmhouse style set once again. It looks GORGEOUS (check it out in the 'Before and Afters' below!)!


Other fun accents to come include the changing and installation of nickel coloured electric sockets and switches (something a little different. They look super cool!), new light shades and fittings, oh yeah, and A WHOLE NEW KITCHEN AND BATHROOM THROUGHOUT MAY!

I'll pop along a follow up post focusing on those fun little bits another day, but yep, it’s time to turn back to the rubble and bring on the builders for one final month of a grand finale. Everything kicks off with our new Magnet kitchen installation on May the 2nd. Can you handle the dust? I’ll be documenting progress on Twitter and Instagram daily.

Before And After Recaps

Adjoining Snug.




Dining Room.


Featured Product.

I’ve got to pop in a mention to the #valsparpaintclub this week. Basically Valspar, a popular brand of paint hosted at B&Q welcomed me into their paint club this season! Anyone into DIY and redecorating can join and receive goodies and support with any cool projects they have going on.

I’ve never done this painting and decorating lark before, so being part of the Valspar Paint Club and getting in store help on what I was buying and why, as well as seeing others with their projects going on, has been a huge support and inspiration during this whole decoration phase.

Star products currently are the Valspar tinted primers which slosh on your walls prior to the pretty finishing colour coat. Interestingly these guys come in a variety of tints from white to deep, dark grey, each complimenting whatever final colour you choose to go over the top.


We picked up a white and a deep grey knowing that we have a mix of colour depths throughout the property in mind. Primers will be exceptionally useful on our journey (and already have been) with “Creaky House”, as his surfaces are exceptionally old and troublesome, meaning that anything which might help us prep the area before prettifying is excellent news for us!

It’s also worth noting that when the time comes to choose the finishing colour for your walls or whatever it is you’re doing up, the Valspar paint “lab” as it were can mix you up pretty much any colour under the sun as long as there’s reference, in a multitude of finishes (even glittery) at lots of branches of B&Q everywhere.

If you’ve got a particularly interesting project going on, I highly recommend signing yourself up to be a member of the Valspar Paint Club to help get you started on what can be a pretty daunting task if you’re new to the whole thing!



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  1. 13 May, 2017 / 5:26 pm

    Wow the the difference is just amazing, it looks so much fresher and just more spacious etc. I love how your table & chairs turned out. They look fab. You must be delighted! Is it starting to feel like home? Are you comfy? Well done on all the hard work – both of you.

    Honestly Aine

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