Home Renovation: 1970s Decor And A Feature Wall

It's been a little while since I popped in a decorating post! I STILL owe you a bathroom and kitchen "IT'S FINISHED!!" post, however this one feels long overdue at the moment, especially as I've been really enjoying interior design accents and "room dressing" at the moment.

Why The 70s?

Lloyd and I are huge fans of 70s decor. Those diverse yet slightly muted tones, paired with bold designs and enormous character - we love it!

Yellows, oranges, mustards, browns, olive greens , geometrics mixed with curves- LOVE!

The lounge seemed like the best place to bring a little bit of the 70s to our lives, seeing as it's one of the primary places we spend our time, so we've got started with the theme by placing a handful of key pieces.

Here's a few shots!


Make It A Feature!

So you might think the sofa is the current focal feature of the lounge (scroll down for a fuller shot), and you'd be right at the moment, however it is soon to be joined by an additional "cherry on the cake" - the feature wall!

Due to a few construction hiccups, the wall we wished to make a feature required replastering and sorting out structurally. Before anything like officially painting of hanging wallpaper in such an instance, we have to wait until the wall is completely dry, else any trapped moisture would ruin the paint or paper entirely.

The thing is though, I'm way too excited to not share the plans already with you, so here goes.


Can you see where I'm going with this? Yes! It's a pending feature wall! Yes of COURSE we want to make a feature wall out of a wallpaper design from a company called "Wallpaper From The 70s", right?!

This particular design, 'Morena', is going to work perfectly. Not only does it hold the perfect colour scheme within its design (that orange couldn't work more perfectly with the tone of the sofa and light fitting), but the design itself flows perfectly with the living room doors and arches too.

We are, due to the age of the property, getting a professional decorator to fit the paper for us (I don't trust us to do it the justice it deserves), and when he came around to quote us for the work, he mentioned how actually he and his wife have the very same branded paper, and it hangs like a dream!

The paper itself is thick, printed to such a high quality, and feels really luxurious (you can't scrimp on a feature, right?!). The thing is, the price is tremendous too! It's incredible quality wallpaper for such an affordable price (£23 a roll. We need 3 in total to comfortably cover the area).

Very, very happy.


[Above: Look how bare that wall is! Using your imagination for now,  can you picture how the 'Morena' paper will look over there?! Excited!]


[Above: Hopefully you can see by these closeups of the wallpaper roll how luxurious the quality is. There's  subtle texture to it, and the thickness is divine. It feels so hard wearing and it's clear once it's hung that the finished effect will be of a really high standard.]

Other Favourite Designs.

It was really difficult knowing that we had only ONE wall to make a feature out of, with 100s and 100s of incredible 70s inspired designs at 'Wallpaper From The 70s' to choose from. We're over the moon with 'Morena' though, of course, but I'd love to share some more that hit the shortlist with you!


This came incredibly close to being THE feature wall, but we felt the print was perhaps a little big.

Photography: Wallpaper of the 70s 'Triton' [Click To Buy]


This may even feature in the house still! I love this pattern, and  adore the colour just as much!

I'm due to have white wooden flooring laid in my dressing room, so I absolutely feel another "feature" coming on in there for sure!

Photography: Wallpaper From The 70s 'Juno' [Click To Buy]


One of my all time favourite colour  combos! Mustard and taupe/grey!

I absolutely adore this wallpaper. The pattern, the colour tones, they're fantastic, however again I think this would have been too bold a design for the wall itself.

Photography: Wallpaper From The 70s 'Tamaki' [Click To Buy]

What's your favourite interior decor style?

It's not only "1970s" style accents to decor that I admire. I'm a huge fan of the whole 'Industrial' style too with metals and moody colours (you know, that dark and stormy vibe?).

What do you think of these wallpaper designs with that in mind? ALL available from 'Wallpaper From The 70s' too!

All photos courtesy of 'Wallpaper From The 70s'. Click any of the 4 above to be taken direct to the design page.

Thanks For Reading!


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