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I tell you what, we haven't done half bad with this one! It's only been a handful of weeks since the Magnet kitchen fitter guys came on in to pull apart the old kitchen to replace it with a shiny, modern, new one! Following that, Lloyd and I just got well and truly stuck in, and because the kitchen hadn't undergone any kind of damp treatment, it meant we could paint it up right away!

To recap, we picked Magnet as our kitchen design and management company. You can find our choice of direction and design experience HERE if you wish.

For a more visual recap, here's how the kitchen looked before it was consumed by inspiration and revamp-age.


Out It Comes!

I'm going to try and keep this fairly short so that your eyes don't get completely overwhelmed with imagery, however I do totally want to show you as much of the process as possible in case you're wanting to go through the same thing, and fancy an idea of what to expect and what to prepare for!

On the morning of the "kitchen strip", the fitters came on in and and started pulling out the units, safely cutting off the gas supply, and chipping off all of the old tiles from the walls. Thankfully, as part of the whole package with Magnet, a "Hippo Bag" is provided for all of the rubbish. It's basically a big, sturdy bag which acts as  skip. Much preferred it to an actual skip. It's a lot smaller, but even the largest one managed to fit everything possible into it from everything you see in the picture up there! The Hippo Bag people then come on over when the builder signs off the job a a done one, and collects it without a hassle. You don't even need to be in. ANYWAY!


With the kitchen now not a kitchen, but a brick box with wires, it was time to wait for a plasterer to pop in to skim the walls and ceiling to make everything smooth for the new units to fix to! I should also note that the first day even includes electrical support work during the extraction too, so for us the electrician did the following:3

  • Removed the old strip light from the ceiling and added multiple spotlights around the room in place of it.
  • Rewired the kitchen to suit the new positioning of the electric appliances. We did away with gas entirely and opted for an electric oven, microwave, dishwasher, and induction hob.
  • Upgraded our current fuse box to match up to those required for modern day standards.
  • Fitted modern sockets and switches for us.

Fitting Day!

Whenever you have a room re-plastered, you MUST ensure that the entire spread of new plaster is fully dried before doing anything at all with it. This took around 3 days.

I don't think neither Lloyd, nor I can deny that the 3 days needed for plaster drying, plus those before whilst the kitchen was getting less and less usable, felt the longest. Ready meals and takeaways were being cooked/reheated in our old microwave on the living room floor, and I was getting spottier and spottier. It was tough, but the fact we could see progress was encouraging none the less.

So when the plaster was finally dry, the fitters came back to pop everything in place!

This involved:

  • Constructing and positioning the new units.
  • Plumbing in the new sink and dishwasher.
  • Hooking up the new oven, microwave, and induction hob.
  • Boxing in the boiler.
  • Setting down the worktops.
  • Laying the new floor.

Here's a little montage!


Major blog version of a "Jump Cut" to the finished fitting!


I mean even at this stage (above), Lloyd and I were incredibly hyped. The kitchen felt SO modern and functional! Bear in mind we hadn't actually home cooked anything since February, and it was at this point May. Crazy!

Although the place wasn't painted up yet, it really didn't even register that it still wasn't quite finished for me, because this was utter heaven! I joked a fair bit that I genuinely felt like I wanted to just pull up a chair and sit in there rather than anywhere else for the next few days until I got over it, haha!

Seeing the kitchen now so close to perfection, Lloyd and I spent literally two full weekends concluding it to our final vision. I hope you'll agree that we nailed it. Here goes!

The Final Result.

Everything you see below in the final set of images includes the following:

  • Dark feature exit wall by Dulux Paint (Name: 'Night Jewels 1").
  • Remaining walls by Dulux Paint (Name: 'Night Jewels 2").
  • Magnet Kitchen handless units in "Luna Cashmere".
  • Worktops by Magnet in "Nebraska Oak".
  • Flooring by "Quick Step" from Magnet Trade in "Black Slate".
  • Oven, induction hob, and microwave by AEG.
  • Dishwasher by Zanussi.
  • Kettle by Dunelm.
  • Copper effect dish drainer by Dunelm.
  • Worktop large chopping board by Wayfair.
  • "Utility wall" and "Herb wall" fixtures by IKEA.

Thanks For Joining The Journey!



  1. 14 July, 2017 / 9:20 pm

    Wow such a big difference! I love your new kitchen! Utterly fabulous, you much be delighted with the end result, totally worth the microwave meals

    Honestly Aine

    • 17 July, 2017 / 2:42 pm

      Thank you so much, fantastic lady! It’s been quite a journey, but even in the rubble there were no regrets!

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