Fleur of England | Jasmine Guipure and Signature Nude

“Life’s little luxuries”…Who said that again? Did anyone say that famously?

Anyway, you’ve got to believe in them. You’ve got to make time for them to keep a big grin on your sweet face, and such ‘little luxuries’, for me, come aptly in the form of…my ‘smalls’.

I won’t lie to you, I genuinely thought (early adulting me) that lingerie was just a fancy word for regular underwear, and had all the ignorance in the world to continue thinking this until the most very recent day that I discovered the divine Fleur of England. That’s when I realised that never before have I felt so special in a garment that actually, hardly anyone would ever see unless I popped a sheer shirt over the top, or you’re my husband and I’m running through the kitchen to put grabbing a snack in higher priority than getting fully dressed to go out.

So, a Fleur of England piece popped up on an Instagram account I follow currently. Triangle bras have become a huge fashion staple at the moment for us ladies, which is AMAZING! I can’t remember the last time that sheer, comfy, delicate, non-padded or full cupped bras were ever the most wanted piece for the girly drawer.

The lace detailing, sheer design, and silk straps with the most delicate, delicate aura about it was just too much for my curiosity not to love, so Fleur had me on first sight. For sure.

The pieces across every single range are 100% investment pieces. Every single garment is made from the most top class silks and lace, from nightwear, to now the new swimwear, and of course the lingerie.

I rather quickly decided that I wanted my first piece to be from the JASMINE GUIPURE range. There wasn’t any question of it. I’m a huge ‘clean cut, feminine fresh’ kind of girl. I’m definitely more of a “clean cotton” scent, as oppose to a “coco mango” one, so immediately I was overly in love with this range.

It was also very obvious that my style of bra was definitely going to be triangular. The sheer lace design with the silk framing was just too much to love, and I needed it in my life.

The floral detailing across the centre of the ‘cup’ disguises just enough of my “ladies” to be  able to confidently wear a sheer shirt to gently show it off. This is not a design you would want to simply hide, if you can help it. My favourite shirt to wear this with is my semi sheer pastel floral shirt from Miss Selfridge . The floral pattern of the bra is strong enough to just peep through and compliment the shirt style perfectly. Adore.

So what does Fleur say about this piece?

An elegant diamanté clasp and white silk satin finish provides the perfect fit for our romantic Boudoir bra. Finished with guipure embroidery on Italian tulle for a tantalising edge.” – Jasmine Guipure Boudoir Bra

The boudoir bra has bespoke guipure embroidery hand-stitched to the Italian ‘invisible’ tulle cups for a ‘barely there’ look. The elasticated underband of luxurious pure white silk satin encircles the body for the perfect fit. The fine white silk straps are adjustable.”

Colour: Pure White

Composition: 76% Silk, 10% Polyamide, 10% Polyester, 4% Elastane

Care Instructions: All garments cold hand wash only. . Product code: Jasmine Guipure boudoir bra (FT820)

Know what else I absolutely delight in? The fact that you are able to see “behind the scenes” of the design itself, where you are able to see how the design was drawn up, where the inspiration for the design came from, and even the early stage sketches before the garment is brought to life. Seriously, please do take a look if you love this piece. You’ll find Fleur’s write up here.

So “Why stop there?”, I thought. 

I was immediately hooked on the brand, and the incredible quality of the bra, that just one bra was immediately not at all enough. I just had to have more. 

The accompanying piece, however, took me away from lingerie for the time being, and into an equally practical adventure with an elegant robe for lounge wear.

Just LOOK how incredibly sheer the lace structure of the Boudoir Bra is! It’s practically invisible! Gorgeous!

For my first, I thought I would go with a classic and choose the ‘Signature Nude Belted Silk Robe‘. 

This luxurious nude silk robe features stunning wide sleeves which are cuffed with appliquéd French lace. Creating the upmost elegance in a loungewear look.”

“The silk gives an exquisite soft feel against the skin with a beautiful drape. This short luxurious robe finishes just below your derriere for modesty. The silk gives an exquisite soft feel against the skin with a stunning drape. It features stunning wide sleeves which are cuffed with appliquéd French lace which is cut away by hand, British craftsmanship at its finest. A silk tie gives a flattering shape using silk belt-loops at the sides and matches the luxurious wide silk trim. The robe length makes it perfect for ultimate luxury loungewear.”

Colour: Nude

Composition: 76% Silk 18% Viscose 2% Elastane

Care Instructions: All garments are cold hand wash only.

Utterly, Utterly Divine.

Popping the robe out of it’s gorgeous packaging and simply as far as my hands was immediate luxury, let alone actually wearing it as proper intended. The lace detailing is impeccable, and makes me think a little of Miss Havisham from Great Expectations, but before she became moth eaten.

On wearing it, there was only more to swoon about. Your skin feels like it’s smothered in absolute purity, almost! I can hardly describe it usefully, it’s just…luxury! It’s the only real word I’ve got for it! There’s just the right amount of stretch for it to fit perfectly to the figure too, so you can still show off your silhouette beautifully.

The cut of the arms fall daintily about the elbow, and don’t get in the way at all, regardless of the relaxed cut of them, and the wrap around nature with the secure belt tie helps keep everything held across the top, without any gaping down the middle.

As I hope you can see, the Jasmine Guipure bra, when teamed with the Signature Nude Robe just pairs flawlessly. The same would be for any range piece, I feel. Nude is a very versatile colour, and if I’m honest, all of the shades across the Fleur of England ranges are absolutely timeless. For sure, full investment and lifetime enjoyment gained from anything you choose to treat yourself too, just please, make sure you treat them with maximum care, as due to their delicate nature and craftsmanship, you really need to pay attention to the wash and care guidelines.

Thank you so much for peeking at my intimates (oo-er)! I cannot tell you how in love with this brand I am, and I’d like to also note that this is 100% true and honest love, and there is absolutely no sponsorship material here, within this post.

Have the cosiest of days.


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