The Scuba Dress | Blue and White

The Scuba Dress.

With the English Summer heat now hitting us for around 30 degrees C in places, it’s time to frantically unassume that we’re now not just heading straight from Spring to Winter, and pick up some fashion bargains to feel pretty yet cool in.

As I say, Summer just appeared! Right on top of us! So I needed to browse quickly for a few bargains to stock up on, on a whim, so turned to for some convenient inspiration.

This gorgeous little Scuba style Dress from the Boohoo Petite section caught my eye with its bold yet crisp colours, which I figured would look so fresh and striking in the sunshine. The Scuba effect of the material means that it’s figure hugging, exceptionally stretchy (Like a scuba diving suit style fabric!), and thus majorly flattering on the lady form. I don’t think the fact that it’s ‘Petite’ would stop ladies of regular height from wearing this, as it would simply turn into a cute little mini dress instead. It falls quite short, even on me actually (I’m 5ft 2).

There’s a cheeky little V-slit at the back hemline, and some little elastic straps that hold you in at the shoulders.

Hazy Days

Sounds like I might be making this up but the Boohoo naming range this dress comes from is ‘Sally’.

Despite the fabric being quite thick, the dress somehow seems to circulate air wonderfully! I was a little worried that it may be too thick for really hot days, and as it’s exceptionally form fitting, cause a bit of discomfort. However, it’s really breathable!

PETITE ‘SALLY’ PRINTED STRAPPY DRESS for £18, sizes from 4-16.


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