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Polka Dots and Colour Pop.

During the winter months, more often than not I much prefer to be really comfortable in what I wear. By comfortable, I think along the lines of easy trousers, roomy jumpers and shirts, all minimum effort when you’re waking up on chilly mornings and you just want to throw something on and be done with.

The thing is, I want to look “nice” too, you know? I want effortless fashions where I feel cosy and floaty as a feather. It’s not always easy, especially on a budget on the build up to Christmas, but I did recently find lots of love for my polka dot ensemble on a brisk trip to the coast recently.

  • Oversized Polka Dot Shirt from YesStyle.co.uk £9.52 [link]
  • Frill bottomed leggings from YesStyle.co.uk £11.90 [link]
  • Maroon Beret from YesStyle.co.uk £5.90 [link]
  • ‘Chinaberry Pop’ Shoes from Clarks.co.uk £55.00 [link]

With the exception of the shoes (which I have honestly worn almost every day for the last 2 years), this entire comfy combo comes to under £30. It’s super convenient to just wriggle into, but is also colourful and fun enough to feel like you’ve really put yourself together!

Note: This is not a sponsored post and I am in no way affiliated with YesStyle or Clarks. Simply sharing some ideas from me to you 🙂


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