Keep on Giving | #LoveGiving

Here’s hoping you had a Very Merry Christmas

I was fortunately reminded by the gorgeous team at this Christmas that we should all experience the opportunity to “Love Giving”, when we are so lucky to receive from those we love – be it a material gesture, a swift piece of loveliness said in a mail, or a blooming lovely cuddle – It’s all a form of giving in receipt of warm feelings and gestures, and it shouldn’t stay at being a seasonal thing.

We as a society are ever consuming – of course we are! There are so many beautiful things out there to enjoy, and experiences to soak yourself in, that we’re always set to indulge our senses in one way or another, and sharing experiences with others is not only visually stimulating in the form of a practical or pretty gift, but also a memory crafted to stick in your brain area for..well..forever (unless you do genuinely forget, but it usually comes back to give you a happy sigh at some point along the way)!

So after a big pink box from the Very Team landed on my doorstep revealing something which was set to share an enormous amount of literal warmth with me (this absolutely divine Ted Baker bobble hat no less!), there was another hidden gesture within which would remind me just how flipping wonderful it is to pass the feels on with smile in a box of my own to give.

Pass it On.

The box inside was mine to gift to whoever I wished to pass on the happy vibes to.

It could be a family member, a friend, just anyone who I felt deserved such a thing, and trust me, it was a tough choice.

I’m lucky enough to have some seriously super people in my life who I would love to share everything with, especially those far away from me as travels and life have split us apart – but those people are the best friends kept when you can just pick up where you left off no matter how long it’s been since you’ve squished their face.

It’s a huge part of being a blogger too, you know. A lot of us receive things in the post, you know this, it’s no secret, but when you take the time to give things back to those who appreciate your “technical presence and support”, is just something which comes naturally too, even if it’s just an email, or a tweet, or a giveaway, just something to say:

“Thanks for having some amount of existence in my life, and what I have a lot of fun doing. You came here to enjoy things with me, and I’m blooming grateful for that – so here!”

Keep on spreading the warm and fuzzy feels, not just at Christmas.

Thank you, Very, for the perfect reminder of how awesome it is to spread the love.



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