Japan Diaries: Kyoto, Geisha and Koyasan Vlog

Kyoto and Koyasan Bonus Vlog !

First there was the surprise Tokyo vlog , then came 'Episode 2' which lead us to Tsumago , now join husband cam and I for a third time as Lloyd reminds us of our journey to Kyoto, our breathtaking experience sighting Geisha in all of their beauty, as well as capturing the incredible day to day sights and culture snaps of this glorious  ancient mix city.

The vlog also signs off during our overnight stay at monk lodgings in spiritual Koyasan, which you can read more about in my post HERE.

For my "Quick Guide to Kyoto" write up as a supplement to this vlog, head on over to this post HERE for a "Sally eye view".

As I mentioned in my last "vlog blog post", I can't take any credit at all for the construction of this 'mini series within a series' as this is 100% my Husband Lloyd's editing project. I only ever feature heavily by wibbling around in the background or gasping in awe at whatever.


If you're more into reading, you can find all of my written contributions to the trip in my Travel Diary, here.


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