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I’m a right wibble for snack boxes, as you may know. I’ve gorged on as many as I can over the last 6 months, but seem to be late to the party with Life Box!

I really like it when subscription box sites allow you to buy a trial box first, before engaging in a direct debit, because you just never know the feel of the box before you have one in your lap.

I always like to see how value for money boxes are, how they’re presented, and how they target their audience before I commit, so I was really happy to find that Life Box have an entire section of their site dedicated to trial boxes.

Life Box comes in at the more premium end of the scale, at £19.95 a month if subbed, or £20.95 for a one off trial. I happily purchased this myself for this review today, and I’ll take you through the balance of products which reflect the price, as we go through the post.

So Life Box don’t do their range by halves. The brand have a vast variety of boxes, ranging from Women’s Health, Men’s Health, and even Junior Health! Not only that, but they also cater for “General” snackers, with the General Box, and also the Cleanse Box, which contains all Vegan friendly foods.

You can read all about the different ranges from Life Box here, on their “Choose Your Box” Page, as there’s a tonne to get through.

The Cleanse (vegan) Box £20.95 Trial, or £19.95 when subbed.

The Cleanse (vegan) Box £20.95 Trial, or £19.95 when subbed.

Each trial box varies throughout the year, so if you order yours now, you probably won’t get the exact contents that I did, however the volume of products inside is no more, or less, so you’ll have a good idea of just what to expect in tasty capacity.

First off, I’ll immediately comment on the presentation and packaging. 

By far the most beautiful snack subscription box I have ever encountered, and as I say, I’ve bumped into a fair old few. 

There’s a lovely, motivational, hand written tag attached to a very bright, monochrome box with the brand logo in full sight. On picking it up, it feels fit to burst. Nothing rattles, and the content is almost pushing at the sides and bottom. Honestly, I was over the moon with how crammed the thing felt.

Same as regular snack boxes, inside is a menu of contents, and other paperwork with offers for other companies, and a recipe card. I’m not too great with these, as I tend to get so hyped by the deliciousness inside, that I forget to get creative with the cookery bit altogether, HOWEVER that IS just my silly side. I do genuinely think it’s awesome that there’s more to do than just eat here.

So let’s get down to business and see exactly what’s inside.


Now, normally in a post like this I would go through each individual item in the box, but can you see how much there is?! Hopefully you’ll find the picture grid a little better than me writing a full blown novel, but what I will do is break into some of my favourites, and in addition, the one which made me pull a funny face a bit.


– RAW Halo chocolate can do me no wrong. I’ve tried quite a few bars in the past, but have never found lemon and salt before! The bar is thin, dark, and full of goodness. There’s a really refreshing, slightly bitter twang from the lemon, and a slight hit from the salt if you let it melt on the tongue. Compliments the cacao a treat.

– My vice. Coconut. Obviously a favourite, but wait…VEGAN BACON COCONUT?!?! I died of happy. Now I’m not vegan. I’m not anything, really! I just eat what i fancy, and whatever is good for me, and tastes tasty. Coconut combined with bacon, but also being Vegan is enough to blog anyone’s mind in writing, but in tasting it is heavenly. Such a strong, smokey taste, with a lovely coconut crunch. The maple syrup in there brings forward that sweet to savory addiction, and the bag lasted all of 20 seconds. 

– Teff grain…What on earth is Teff Grain?? Never heard of it, but highly glad that I had an introduction! So Teff just literally is a gluten free alternative to flour. There’s a whole world of other goodness therein too, as described below from

Teff leads all the grains – by a wide margin – in its calcium content, with a cup of cooked teff offering 123mg, about the same amount of calcium as in a half-cup of cooked spinach. Teff is high in resistant starch, a newly-discovered type of dietary fiber that can benefit blood sugar management, weight control, and colon health. It’s estimated that 20-40% of the carbohydrates in teff are resistant starches. A gluten-free grain with a mild flavor, teff is a healthy and versatile ingredient for many gluten-free products.”

Nifty, huh? Anything that helps with my sensitive tummy is a blessing. I imagine this can be used a bit like Flax too, and popped into a smoothie or something. For me though, I’ll show you how I make Teff Cookies one day.

– Cardamom Granola. Another “Who’d have thought??” moment. At least two full bowl fulls serving in this pack, and check out the ingredients too. Really crumbly, with that sweet, oaty taste. Lovely. All without the added processed sugar and other fluff.

Right so finally, on to the odd one. Carob.

I’ve heard of Carob  (ok…so…only from breeding Chocobos in Final Fantasy 7…), but never before have I thought to eat it. The pack is fun, love it, but my brain and mouth got so crazy confused at what I was doing. It said “nibbles”, so I’m SURE I was meant to eat them, however I did question it soon after. Carob pieces are like little chunks of wood, or tree bark. It’s a very similar thing to cocoa, so I read, in that it can be ground down to an almost similar taste and powder consistency to cocoa, however these little nuggets tasted far from it. Their were neither sweet, nor savory, and had a very unusual smell which didn’t match the flavour (not unpleasant). Unfortunately for me, with my fixed braces, the tough, bark like texture was too much to get through, so with that, I gave up. It’s like a tree…it really is! Not unpleasant, but confusing. That’s about it.

Other excellent brands were:

  • MOMA Coconut and Chia instant porridge.
  • Emily Fruit Crisps (Banana…and utterly divine!)
  • Two delicious porridge toppers in the form of Cheeky ‘Nutter Coconut Sprinkles’ and the absolutely GORGEOUS pack of Coconut Blossom Sugar by Elements for Life. A natural, coconut derived, brown sugar with the divine sweetness of that of the bad stuff, but it’s good stuff.
  • A selection of snack cakes and bars in the form of a Creative Nature ‘Ginger Teatox’ bar, and a The Living Food Kitchen ‘Coconut Flapjack’ (I mean I just can’t deal with how much my coconut addiction is satiated here…).
  • A detox powder to drink alone with water, or mix into smoothies by Synergy Natural. 100% organic super greens to boost your day, with Spirulina and Wheat Grass.
  • Two drinks! A ‘Choco Mint’ Yogi Tea, and a carton of Rebel Kitchen Macha Green Tea. Love Rebel Kitchen. Quite a high carb count for me to comfortably enjoy too often, but the brand have some blooming good drinks and ethos.
  • The Food Doctor spicy seeds. Love TFD. They’ve been around for ages. These are NOT for the feint hearted with spice though. They burn SOO GOOOD!

I hope you get a good jist of just how much content goes into the Life Box from this. Truthfully, this blog post could go into each in great detail, but I would genuinely be here all day. It’s fantastic.

For the price of the subscription, £19.95, I would say that it’s a huge yes to anyone taking the raw and organic lifestyle of eating seriously, as no doubt you spend a similar amount on individual snacks like this if your an addict like me. I know the RAW HALO bars tick in at about £3 a bar.

Which box would you like to try? Check them out and let me know!



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